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RC cars and models

In this category, we welcome you to the wonderful world of remote-controlled vehicles and robots! This is a place that the youngest users, parents, but also enthusiasts of having fun with robots will love!

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Gyroscope for RC cars - Gyro SG

Gyroscope module for drifting RC cars. The module works with higher voltages and is equipped with a high quality PID control system. It works with voltages from 4.8 V to 7.4...
Index: PHD-15570
Index: PHD-15570
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A wide selection and affordable prices are the hallmarks of the Botland store. The presented products are great gift ideas. Do something special for yourself or your loved ones that they will not expect. Nothing pleases little rascals like a remote-controlled car or a large almost one-meter roboraptor! Children will also enjoy fighting robots or remote-controlled vehicles. And you, when going to the water, take a remote-controlled professional motorboat with you and put other vacationers in astonishment.

Check out our entire offer including remote controlled models and RC cars. Join the multitude of satisfied customers of our Botland online store. We invite you to shop and have fun with us!

What do children (those decades old either) like most

Remote controlled vehicles is something that every kid and most guys like. We do not quite know what this phenomenon results from. Maybe the point is that apparently in each of us there is an eternal child? Anyway, the Botland team loves remote-controlled vehicles, that's why we sell them with the greatest pleasure.

In this category, we offer a large variety of RC controlled equipment (Radio Control). Choose from remote-controlled cars, tanks, fighting robots, trucks and excavators. Choose motorboats and surface boats that you can control over a distance of 50 - 100 meters. Buy radio-controlled cars and accelerate to a speed of over 45 km / h in a few or several seconds!

As you probably have already noticed, the stuff is not just a toys for children anymore. These are full-fledged tools for professionals who race such machines at competitions. Of course, they can be used for both entertainment and professional purposes. The choice is yours!

RC models – full professionalism and a lot of fun

Professional racing using remote-controlled cars or boats are something big. Every year in many cities around the world there are even remote-controlled model championships (onroad and indoor championships). The competitions of flying or floating models are no less prestigious. In our RC remote controlled category you can find various models of radio controlled machines. You can find here the perfect products to start the adventure in this exciting world as well as for professionals. To view the detailed specification of the model, go to the product card. If you have questions, our technical department is at your disposal (unless they are currently playing with these cars ones more…).

Radio-controlled machines are the perfect entertainment

Remote-controlled (RC) vehicles is not only professional competitions and racing "seriously". We can pack the equipment, family and go for example to the nearby water. Spread the blanket on the grass and play your favorite music. In the meantime, along with your child, you can assemble a motorboat model and launch it in a nearby lake. Or you can simply go to a nearby park to drive a family of remote off-road cars together.

Certainly there will be unforgettable moments spent with loved ones. Products in this category are an important answer to an increasingly common problem. Currently, we often choose forms of relaxation that are not very healthy for us or our children. Hence, it's worth choosing something that really develops (e.g. programmable electronics and robots), or outdoor entertainment. In this second variant, our car and boat models will be perfect.

We invite you to make purchases in our Botland store. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We will answer immediately and help you choose the best products. We are waiting for a message!