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Children and young people are experienced users of virtual reality. Smartphones and tablets for many young people is commonplace, and therefore create toys that will satisfy them, it has become a really big problem. The gloves took the brand WowWee is the manufacturer of a wide range of robots and educational kits for children and schools, and for users-teenagers. WowWee devices provide their users virtually all features that they can expect from the robot controller through the communication with him until then, while in competition several independent robots.

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WowWee - R.E.V. - 2 cars

The car is equipped with independent wheel drive and GPS signal tracking. Everything is controlled by a processor with a frequency of 16 MHz. Set includes two cars.
Index: ROB-06593
Index: ROB-06593
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Robots educational – learning through play

At any age possible knowledge we perceive in the case where it is complementary to activities that genuinely fascinates us. This rule works especially in the case of goods for children. Robots are learning how devices interact with the user, particularly the participation of children and encourage, to the game, use your imagination and creativity. The majority of robots from WowWee offers provides remote control via a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. This is a great opportunity to enter for the game with the droid education for children the elements of science programming. For example, in the model, WowWee MiP Turbo Minion Dave management through the application Coder MIP, in which the algorithm of actions of the educational robot consist of finished blocks (which is obvious way is associated with the schemes available). Such solutions make the device WowWee robots educational and predispose them to schools.

A robot with a personality

The creators of the robots, WowWee has taken care to ensure that they created the device provided users a sense of real contact with the toy. Hence, a room of toys in a person. Educational robots show emotions, can be readily incorporated into the game, but they can also show anger. Thanks to numerous sensors, for example, gestures, touch or elements in the environment (and the set of available functions and interaction of diverse individual WowWee). Cause sympathy streamlined body, the receiving users are familiar with forms – it is worth mentioning here, at least on humanoid robots WowWee Robosapien or sweet Chippies, form and behavior reminiscent of dogs. There is no doubt that the creators of robots in every aspect remembered that they are designed to them in the first place for children.

Competition and the taste of victory

Among the devices WowWee will find both models are aimed at kilkulatków, as sets that would be interesting, rather, teenagers. In this second group, you should pay attention to the WowWee R. E. V. - that is a new collection of racing cars. Included are two cars – black and white – with independent drive wheels and a module that provides positioning through GPS signals. Two modes of multi-level games allow the user to WowWee to improve their skills in competition with the machine or with another player. The management of each of the cars from the set through the application on mobile device (iOS or Android).