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Syma drones

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Drone quadrocopter Syma X15W 2,4GHz WiFi with camera - 22cm

Quadrocopter with 6-axis gyro stabilization system which you can fly indoors and outdoors in a distance up to 50 meters. The model is controlled by the transmitter with a...
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Index: GIM-12344
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Syma drones presented here are remotely controlled devices that allow you to perfectly train precision in flight control. They are full-fledged drones, usually characterized by slightly smaller sizes. These products allow you to shoot interesting movie shots. Most models have built-in cameras that can broadcast the recorded live image in HD or higher. Syma drones are a great proposition for those who are looking for an affordable quadrocopter to start experimenting with flying structures. In addition, mini-drones can be equipped with a number of additional modules and functions – check out our Syma drones below and get familiarized with the entire Botland store’s offer!

Syma drones – choose from many models

In our store you will find a variety of Syma drones - both the smallest (slightly exceeding 10 cm in length and width), as well as these huge, air beasts (50x50 cm). As the size of the structure increases, the range available to it also increases. For example, the range on the smallest Syma X20W model will be 20 m, and for the larger Syma X8HW drone about 70 m. According to the manufacturer's declaration, each of these devices is designed for both indoor and outdoor flights, so you can use them for various purposes ( remember, however, to practice steering a lot before flying the drone into the room!). Of course, these largest Syma drone models due to their dimensions will certainly cope better with field missions.

Syma drones are products characterized by an excellent price-quality ratio. Note that all Syma drones have also elegant, modern design. Quadrocopters that you will find in the Botland store’s offer are unique in terms of aesthetics and functionality, and therefore no doubts that they will make a great impression on anyone who sees them in the air! The varied range of colors gives individual members of the Syma drone family an individual character. Choose the version that best suits your individual needs.

Functionalities that you will appreciate – Syma drones

When you decide to buy a Syma drone, you choose the most functional devices. Syma drones are recommended for beginners due to their small size. Despite this, they are also products chosen by advanced ones. Why? First of all, because of their huge functionality and many technical possibilities!

Syma drones are equipped with a gyroscopic flight stabilization system operating in 6 axes. Thanks to this, even during rapid evolutions, you will not lose control of your quadrocopter. Novice users of flying structures will love the 'headless' function, allowing the device to be directed in any direction according to the user's settings. This means that the order to move to the right will cause the drone to move to the right from the user's point of view, not the device itself.

What else can you do with the Syma drone? Depending on the model, drones can also hover in the air, perform flights in any direction, loop 3600 loops, and even move in the so-called mode. intelligent flight orientation. An interesting solution is also the possibility of pre-planning the route that the drone is to cover during the mission. Many models have been additionally equipped with cameras with live image transmission (first-person view - FPV). This definitely makes the drone control and fun more attractive. For those who expect the highest quality movies from their drone, we recommend buying the Syma X8HW or Syma X8C drone with a 2 Mpx camera equipped with backlight!

Flying the drone day and night

A very good idea of the Syma constructors was to install powerful LEDs in the devices. Thanks to this, the flight is possible even in worse conditions. It also means that you can easily control the drone at night or when visibility is limited. Syma drone control equipment operates at 2.4 GHz radio frequency (the level of sophistication depends on the particular model). In some vehicles you will find electronic displays, in others - continuous flight or infrared gain functions. Choose the drone you have always dreamed of - for yourself or your loved ones!