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3D printer Artillery

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3D printer - Artillery Hornet

A 3D printer from Artillery with the model designation Hornet. It uses FDM technology to create 3D models. It is compatible with the most popular types of filamnets: PLA,...
Index: ART-19513
Index: ART-19513
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3D printer - Artillery Sidewinder-X1

A 3D printer that is manufactured by Artillery. It works based on FDM technology. It uses Direct Drive system to transport the filament. The device has a large working area,...
Index: ART-19514
Index: ART-19514
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3D printer - Artillery Genius

A 3D printer with a working area of 220 x 220 x 250 mm . It uses FDM technology to form prints. Artillery Genius has been equipped with a filament sensor, informing about the...
Index: ART-19515
Index: ART-19515
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Artillery 3D printer - key information in a nutshell

Already in 2019, the first printer signed with the Artillery brand will debut on the market. The device was very well received by the market. Users appreciated not only precise prints, but also the practical arrangement of all wires. The next 3D printer saw the light of day in late 2019. Immediately after the release of the device, all pieces were sold out. The equipment is equipped with a robust arm. In addition, engineers have made several improvements that make the model fit even better into the needs of current 3D printer users.

Do the Artillery 3D printers stand out?

First and foremost, users can count on a large working area and metal construction for stability. The devices work based on the popular FDM printing technology, which involves layering of thermoplastic material. Artillery 3D printers are highly valued by their users, among others because of the numerous facilities that improve the comfort of work. We are talking about a filament sensor, as well as a function responsible for instant detection of failure in the power supply of the device. In the event of power failure, the user can manually resume operation of the printer when power is available again. The main function of the sensor is to inform the user that the shrink material is about to run out. This is especially applicable when a large number of elements must be printed in a short period of time.

The work table also deserves special attention. In the case of the Sidewinder-X1, it is made of high-quality tempered glass. This solution guarantees increased adhesion. Thanks to the large knobs, the table can be levelled quickly and precisely. In addition, it makes it easy to peel off the prints after work. Why is this so important? Because glued prints are easy to damage.

Advanced Direct Drive mechanism

Selected Artillery 3D printers are equipped with a reliable Direct Drive mechanism, whose main task is to efficiently transport the filament. The principle of this mechanism is simple. The shrink material goes to the print head directly from the extruder. When is this solution best suited? Primarily in cases where we are dealing with prints characterized by a high level of detail.

Additional functionalities

What else are Artillery 3D printers known for? First of all, the silent drivers responsible for the work of stepper motors. Users also appreciate the precise timing belt pulleys. The construction of the devices has been designed in such a way as to ensure free access to communication ports and memory card slots. It is worth mentioning that the reliable Sidewinder-X1 model is equipped with a TFT touchscreen display which allows changing all the most important parameters of the device. In addition, it presents key information on the status of the printer and the printing process. All devices signed with the Artillery brand are characterized by compact size and relatively low weight which ensures mobility. The printers reach their users practically completely assembled. It literally takes only several minutes to start them up for the first time and start testing. The manufacturer attaches detailed operating and assembly instructions to the device.