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Art Watch Phone Kids watch with GPS / WIFI ART LOK-3000BK locator - black

The smart watch features a 1.22'' TFT touchscreen display with vibrant colors. It has a GPS location function, which allows you to track the location of your child by the...
Index: MOF-12383
Index: MOF-12383
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Smart Watch for children with a GPS locator ART LOK-1000G - green

A smart watch equipped with a monochrome 0.98 '' TFT display. It has a GPS location feature, so it allows the caregiver to track the location of the child. Additional...
Index: MOF-12940
Index: MOF-12940
Shipping in 24 hours
Regular price €13.00 Price €13.00

SmartBand Xiaomi Hey Plus 1S - black - smart band

A smart sports band created by Xiaomi company. It is equipped with an AMOLED display with a resolution of 0.95", it allows you to display colors from a 24-bit color palette....
Index: LEC-19065
Index: LEC-19065
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Mixtile Gena Wearable Smart Watch - development board with LCD screen

Portable module type SmartWatch with installed software, supplied with LCD screen and buttons. It can remotely control an iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth. It receives...
Index: DFR-05492
Index: DFR-05492
Only on request
Waiting time: 4-6 weeks
Regular price €47.52 Price €47.52
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Intelligent watches - a wide range of worn electronics

In the offer of the Botland online shop we have prepared many types of smartwatches to meet your expectations and needs. Depending on what you're looking for, you can choose a smart watch that performs a variety of functions, from simple to much more advanced. There are also models especially dedicated for electronics enthusiasts! Our list includes simple smartwatches showing notifications from your phone, but also more advanced fitness watches for athletes that measure pulse and calories burned. Our offer also includes watches equipped with GPS receivers, which are great as a safety measure for mountain hikers or simply as a traceable device when you lose it, or when you want to have the movements of your little ones monitored.

Fitness wristbands and GPS watches

There are many ways to monitor your progress in gym exercises. It is becoming more and more popular nowadays to control many parameters during your exercises at home outside the home. This is especially important if you work on your figure or do sport no longer just amateurly. A good method is to measure your pulse during training and calculate the calories burned. The fitness wristbands come to your aid, as they calculate your effort during physical activity extremely effectively. These special smartwatches contain integrated medical monitors, which are equipped with sensors that receive individual values during exercise. The most important functions include measuring your pulse, body temperature, calories burned, steps taken and much more. The device can transmit data to the sports applications on your phone. That way you are able to keep regular statistics of our workouts.

The second device on our list, especially worthy of attention is a watch with GPS, which can help to watch over your kids. Those special smartwatches have built-in mobile communication and a geolocation system. That way we can contact our child at any time and also monitor his or her route when we think it is needed.

Elegant SmartWatches

Let’s not forget that the primary function of traditional watches is not only to indicate the time, but also its aesthetics. Who doesn't like to wear an elegant watch that complements their formal appearance at work? A nice watch is one that gives us professionalism and improves our image. That's why in our offer we have also prepared many models of elegant smart watches, which work perfectly as part of your professional outfit. Smartwatches allow you to communicate with your smartphone via Bluetooth, so that you can see all the most important notifications on your watch screen. Therefore, it is not only an accessory to your formal attire, but also an indispensable gadget, thanks to which you do not have to reach for your phone in your pocket every now and then. We invite you to see the offer of Botland store, where you can surely find the perfect smart watch to work.