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Notatniki elektroniczne, cyfrowe

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Electronic notebook Natec Snail for drawing LED 8,5" - with a lock function

Modern and energy-saving electronic notebook by Natec in black . It has a bright 8.5" LCD display and is very lightweight. It is powered by one CR2016 battery. It is...
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Index: IMP-16354
Index: IMP-16354
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Modern tablets - more than just compact computers

Tablets fill a specific niche in the sector of computing devices. They are larger than smartphones and smaller than laptops or netbooks. The set of possibilities combines both types of devices. They have touch screens and often modems for mobile network connectivity, like smartphones. On the other hand, with their size and computing power they resemble more a laptop. Some tablets allow you to connect an external keyboard and mouse (for example via Bluetooth), which combined with the ability to run office applications makes this device a full-fledged competitor to PCs.

Modern ARM core processors

Thanks to the use of advanced processors and SoCs based on ARM architecture cores, modern tablets are characterized by high performance. Modern mobile devices are often equipped with multi-core chips clocked at up to about 2 GHz. These systems, complemented by up to several gigabytes of RAM, offer performance comparable to PCs. Thanks to this, a tablet can be used for the same type of work as a regular laptop, especially when using less demanding applications, such as office suites, communicators or multimedia browsers.

Wide selection of operating systems and applications

Tablets work just like a computer, so they are "taken care of" by the operating system. In the case of these devices, the most popular system is Android. In second place is the iOS created by Apple for its devices, and in third place is Windows. The first two operating systems, Android and iOS, are typical mobile device operating systems. Windows available for tablets, on the other hand, increasingly resembles that of PCs. Thanks to the wide support of all platforms by software manufacturers, we can find the software we need for any operating system.

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