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Netronix RFID modules

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MW-UDG wall RFID reader - 125kHz - gray

Netronix MD-UDG is a wall-mounted RFID reader that allows for contactless reading of data from Unique transponders. Such transponders are equipped with permanent, unique,...
Index: NEX-21599
Index: NEX-21599
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Brief overview of the RFID bands

It is worth knowing that the proximity systems used today differ in the type of technology used, even if at first sight they work and look the same. The basic difference that determines the elements used - including RFID antennas, integrated transmitters and receivers (tags) - lies in the frequency range used. Three standards are currently in use: 125 kHz (or LF from Low Frequency), 13.56 MHz (HF) and 865-868 MHz (UHF). The first one can be found most often in access control systems in office buildings, offices or hospitals, as well as in... systems of so-called "chips" used to identify missing pets. The second is the basis for all kinds of terminals and payment cards, and can often be found in electronic devices that use NFC (e.g. mobile phones). The third frequency range, which also coincides with the popular in Europe fragment of the unlicensed ISM radio band, is used for long distance reading (e.g. in sports competitions - to measure players' time).

Netronix RFID modules in Botland offer

The Netronix brand offers convenient RFID modules that allow you to easily integrate short-range identification technology into your own device. The NANO-MS RFID module is designed to be surface mounted directly on the target device's printed circuit board - this is made possible by semi-open pads located on all four edges of the module board. Its dimensions are only 17.5 x 17.5 x 3 mm, so it can also be used without difficulty on mobile devices with little space inside the enclosure. The module supports communication in the 13.56 MHz band, using MIFARE S50, S70, U.L. transponders and many others. Serial interfaces: I2C, SPI and UART, supporting external RS485 converters, are used for communication with the parent processor. The NANO-US RFID module - with equally small dimensions - is used to read transponders with 125 kHz carrier frequency - including Uniqe, Q5, HID or Hitag-1/2/S. The company also offers special RFID antennas.

Ready-made devices

Netronix also offers a wide range of ready-made equipment for building access control systems. The basic elements of such systems include RFID wall readers, most often used near the door frame, whose opening is to be controlled by the system. For example, the UW-R4G - 13.56MHz RFID wall reader supports various MIFARE standards, and transmits data to the master controller via RS485 interface, compatible with the proprietary protocol developed by Netronix - NACS (Netronix Access Control System). It can also work in MODBUS RTU mode. The UW-MDN RFID module uses popular 1-Wire interface, emulating Dallas chips from DS1990 series. In our offer you will also find special converters that allow to integrate elements of the access control system with LAN - Ethernet-RS485 converters (model COTER-E4I) and Ethernet-CAN converters (COTER-EC - model compatible with NACS protocol).