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Little Bits Mounting boards - prototype board

LittleBits are electronics learning kits that develop creativity and logical thinking skills. No wires, soldering or programming required. They consist of bricks connected by...
Index: ROB-12232
Index: ROB-12232
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The study in nature (i.e. without wires)

Learning electronics with LittleBits allows you to get straight to the point - connecting specific modules (known as 'bits') to perform specific functions. This is somewhat reminiscent of the principles already explored in educational robots for children, except that in LittleBits the result is not a mobile device but an electronic circuit that performs a specific function. This idea, by the way, perfectly reflects the work of a modern electronics engineer, whose job is often not to design entire circuits from scratch, but to skilfully use available components and tools to connect and encapsulate them according to an individual concept. The bits that make up the LittleBits kits are, of course, much simpler. They are connected by magnets built into the sides of the modules, so it is enough to touch two modules to make them work together. There's no need to run wires, design and etch circuit boards, or even learn the circuit layout of prototype boards. The connected bits establish communication instantly.

Impressive abilities in small cups

The basic element of LittleBits is the Mounting Boards. Among the bits included in the kits you will also find an Arduino-compatible bit created with prototyping in mind, an Arduino-compatible MakeyMakey bit module turning any object into a controller or a kit supporting touch control. An interesting idea are bits created with a view to integrating modules with the Internet - including both IoT and popular social networks. And LittleBits kits for learning programming can successfully compete with educational robots in terms of attractiveness for users. Let's also emphasize that the LittleBits developers have taken care to embed their modules in a reality that is real and close to children - e.g. the touch control kit is a funny reference to the alarm system protecting the little inventor's personal belongings.

State-of-the-art kits for schools

The creators of LittleBits take their educational mission very seriously. The best proof of this is the creation of educational kits for schools. And not a single suitcase of building blocks, but, for example, a full suite with kits that can be worked on by 30 students at a time. The largest kit available for schools, the Pro Library w/ Storage, includes an impressive collection of over 300 bits and more than 220 accessories to provide instruction for a larger group of participants.