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Outdoor LED lighting

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Solar lamp with twilight and motion sensor 2x20 LED

Solar lamp for indoor and outdoor use. Switches on automatically when motion is detected , as well as when darkening. The motion sensor has a range of 5 metres. The lamp is...
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Index: GOT-15654
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LEDs are perfect as outdoor lighting because they emit a clear, strong, but also pleasant light.Such lighting is also the most energy-efficient. Therefore, it is widely used by people who are looking for outdoor lighting, but also by entrepreneurs and large companies. Financial savings are unimaginable if you compare classic bulbs with LEDs.

In this category of the Botland online store, we present the highest quality LED outdoor lamps. We have a wide range of models to suit different applications. LED technology is perfect for both outdoors and indoors. The small size of the light source (LEDs in SMD technology) helps to hide it efficiently in a slim housing, resistant to conditions unfavorable for electronics. Depending on the target use, you can choose from models with a light intensity from 110 lumens to as much as 10,500 lumens. Choose LED lighting now - see the products below!

Outdoor LED lighting – from the garden to large-area stores

Currently, there is no other lighting technology that would guarantee such a high level of energy efficiency as LED technology. LEDs provide a strong but pleasant light, and they also come in various variants. Unlike classic incandescent lamps, one should not look at Watts in this case, but at lumens. This is because it is a different technology and lumens are important here, meaning the light beam. On the market you can find models with various parameters, thanks to which everyone is able to find the right product for a given application.

The popularity of LED outdoor lighting is due to cost effectiveness. Good parameters in terms of energy efficiency make LED outdoor lighting the choice of both people who are looking for garden lighting and developers building large-area stores. What is more, LED lighting can also be found near pedestrian routes, as lighting for parking lots, squares and parks. It is an extremely universal technology and it is hardly surprising. A wide selection in terms of the number of lumens, but also the degree of light warmth, make LEDs a popular choice for everyone.

LED outdoor lamps – what do you need to know?

The use of LED technology is a great way to save electricity while maintaining almost all of the practical properties of the classic light source. The small size of such elements (made in SMD technology) has a positive effect on the possibility of placing them in relatively small spaces. This is why we can choose from dozens of models (including really small diodes). Thanks to this, the devices with a very strong light intensity can be created, and at the same time perfectly adapted to protect against conditions unfavorable to electronics (for example, moisture, rainfall or dust). All of the LEDoutdoor lamps presented in this category have a degree of protection specified at IP65. That means that the device is completely dustproof and resistant to water (which does not exert more pressure than any jet with a force of up to 12.5 l / min). Durable, solid and long-living – this is what describes our products best!

Different types of outdoor LED lamps, different  applications

Our offer includes both equipment suitable for outdoor use and LED lamps designed to be permanently attached to a gazebo wall or a house wall (wall-mounted LED lamps). We also offer the purchase of devices connected to the mains socket and solar lamps, which are powered by a built-in solar panel (for example, a solar wall lamp). Such devices have a huge advantage over mains-powered products because their installation does not require laying cables. So there is no need to dig up the garden, for example - just place such a device in the ground and it's ready!

What's more, in Botland we also offer lamps with a motion sensor, which activate only when a moving object is detected. As you can see, it is an ideal way to save electricity consumption and provide lighting in places where the switch is not the most practical option (for example, a driveway under the house). LED outdoor lightingequipped with moderntwilight sensors is very convenient, because the lamps will turn on when motion is detected, but only after dark. Decorative lamps (perfect for gardens and backyards) such as an LED projector with interchangeable slides are also available. Depending on the model, the devices offer a maximum luminous flux of 110 lm, 230 lm, 600 lm, 1400 lm, 1800 lm, 3500 lm, 7000 lm or 10 500 lm.