xTool M1 2in1 - cutter and engraver - 10W - all-in-one package

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A versatile 2-in-1 engraving and cutting tool from xTool. The device is equipped with a blade and a 10-watt laser that allow you to process a very wide range of materials. It is a perfect device for home use , thanks to numerous protections and a ventilation system. The all-in-one set includes, among others: Air Assist, RA2 Pro rotation module, stand with honeycomb table and smoke absorber.
xTool M1 2in1 - cutter and engraver - 10W - all-in-one package
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xTool M1 - equipment version:
Manufacturer: xTool

Product description: xTool M1 2in1 - cutting and engraving machine - 10 W - all-in-one package

xTool M1 is a versatile 2-in-1 tool that allows you to create a wide range of personalized items, from gifts to jewelry, thanks to the combination of cutting and engraving functions. The blade and 10-watt laser allow processing of material up to 10 mm deep , depending on its type. xTool M1 is equipped with an intelligent 16 MPx high-resolution camera . This machine is ideal for home use thanks to its compact dimensions and features that increase user safety , such as a blue light filtering cover and an efficient ventilation system. The all-in-one set offers a number of accessories , including: Air Assist, RA2 Pro rotation module, stand with honeycomb table and smoke absorber.

xTool M1 2in1 - cutting and engraving machine - 10 W.

Producer's video.

Suggested parameters for processing materials

Material Engraving power/speed/transitions Laser cutting power/speed/transitions Blade cutting
3 mm linden plywood
Black walnut 3 mm
3 mm pine plywood
Stainless steel 1.7 mm
Acrylic 3mm
Vinyl foil 0.3 mm

On the manufacturer's website you will find a detailed list of all materials that can be cut/engraved and the recommended device parameter settings.

The machine can cut materials with a laser or blade.

Versatile use

xTool M1 is a pioneering device combining laser engraving, laser cutting and cutting with a blade. This solution expands the range of supported materials. The laser is great for harder materials such as wood, while the blade is ideal for softer materials such as vinyl, preventing edges from burning. In the case of metal, only engraving is possible.

Safe use at home

The device performs all operations in a closed housing , which increases safety of use. The absorber included in the set removes harmful fumes and dust and prevents them from escaping the device, creating a friendly working environment. The xTool M1 cover has a blue light filter to protect the user's eyes.

xTool Creative Space software

xTool Creative Space is software designed for ease of use , enabling you to turn your creative ideas into reality. Users can create designs from scratch or use over 500 predefined elements that can be customized to suit individual preferences.

Built-in smart camera

The device is equipped with an advanced 16 MPx high-resolution camera that facilitates the cutting and engraving process. Provides users with the ability to accurately place patterns and edit materials while they are enclosed in the build chamber. This is especially useful in projects requiring high precision.

Intelligent camera with a resolution of 16 MPx.

The set includes a cylindrical engraving module.

RA2 Pro rotation module

RA2 Pro is an innovative rotary module for xTool M1 that extends its functionality to include engraving on cylindrical objects . This gives the device the ability to personalize a wider range of items. Using RA2 Pro, you can give a unique look to items such as mugs, jewelry, toys and various types of decorations.

Base with honeycomb table

The accessory raises the height of the device, facilitating air flow and significantly expanding its capabilities. The stand allows you to process objects up to 120 mm high . The included honeycomb work table helps dissipate heat and fumes, ensuring a clean surface to prevent excessive burns and unevenness.

Allows you to work with large objects.

Efficient air flow regulation system.

Air Assist

The xTool M1 set includes an Air Assist air pump that allows you to adjust the blowing force. This mechanism improves the removal of dust and smoke from the work area, thus protecting the laser lens from dirt and reducing the risk of burns. The result is higher quality processing with more precise and smooth edges .

Smoke absorber

The attached smoke absorber is designed to clean the air of smoke and pollutants generated during xTool M1 operation. The absorber has a three-layer filter that can remove up to 99.97% of harmful particles. The use of the device significantly improves the air quality in the workplace, protecting the user's health and ensuring a cleaner environment.

The absorber provides a friendly working environment.


Basic package
Deluxe package
All-in-one package
xTool M1 2in1
A set of materials
Cutting mats  2 pcs
Replaceable blades 5 pcs
RA2 Pro rotation module
Air Assist
Riser base with honeycomb
Smoke purifier

Power: 10 W
Work area: 385 x 300 mm
Movement speed: up to 160 mm/s
Cutting Thickness: from 0 to 10 mm (depending on the material)
Interfaces: USB/WiFi
Software: xTool Creative Space / Laserbox
Operating system: Windows / macOS / Android / iOS
Laser Spot Size: 0.08 × 0.08 mm
Camera resolution: 16 MPx
Product Size: 557 x 446 x 230 mm
Product weight: 9.8 kg

Package width 56 cm
Package height 66 cm
Package depth 34.5 cm
Package weight 50 kg

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xTool M1 2in1 - cutter and engraver - 10W - all-in-one package


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