AVR 2 programmer compatible with USBasp ISP

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Programmer AVR USBasp 2 is fully compatible with the USBasp programmer. It can be used to program microcontrollers from the AVR family via the USB port. Version 2 has two connectors KANDA (6 and 10pin) and the ability to power the target systems with 5 V and 3.3 V.

AVR 2 programmer compatible with USBasp ISP
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Manufacturer: MSX Elektronika

Product description: AVR 2 programmer compatible with USBasp ISP

The programmer "USBasp AVR" is fully compatible with the programmer "USBasp" created by Thomas Fischl. It can be used to program microcontrollers from the AVR family from ATMEL via the USB port of the PC. USBasp supports many popular environments for developing software and applications designed for downloading of programs, including: Bascom, AVRDude, WinAVR, and many others.

RFID żeton - 125kHz 25mm - z warstwą klejącą

Unlike the previous version it has two popular programming connectors KANDA 10pin and 6pin (used, for example, inPololu 3pi robot). To use the programmer you only need cable USB A-Banddrivers. A detailed description of installation and operation is in the user's guide.


  • J1 - FIRMWARE UPDATE- Jumper for software updates (must be taken during normal operation)
  • J2 - Slow SCKjumper to slow down the frequency programming of the target system
  • J3 - Supply target- Based jumper J3 powers up the system timer from the USB port (approx. 5 V)

Supported microcontrollers

  • ATmega8, ATmega88, ATmega8515, ATmega8535, ATmega128, ATmega1280, ATmega1281, ATmega16 ,ATmega161, ATmega162, ATmega163, ATmega164, ATmega103, ATmega32, ATmega324, ATmega329, ATmega3290, ATmega48, ATmega64, ATmega640, ATmega644, ATmega649, ATmega6490, ATmega168, Atmega328
  • ATtiny12, ATtiny13, ATtiny15, ATtiny2313, ATtiny24, ATtiny25, ATtiny26, ATtiny45, ATtiny84, ATtiny85
  • AT90S2313, AT90S2333, AT90S1200,AT90S2343, AT90S4414, AT90S4433, AT90S4434, AT90S8515, AT90S8535, AT90USB646, AT90USB647, AT90USB1286, AT90USB1287, AT90PWM2, AT90PWM2B, AT90PWM3, AT90PWM3B, AT90CAN32, AT90CAN64, AT90CAN128

Supported environments

  • Bascom AVR
  • AVRDude
  • WinAVR
  • other

AVR2 programmer specification

  • The programmer has a polymer fuse (500 mA, reusable) securing the USB port of the computer
  • The device allows you to power circuits with voltage 5V or 3.3 V (through a built-in stabilizer 3.3 V)
  • Programming speed up to 5 KB/sec
  • Works with the following operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux
  • The programmer is easy to use, and two LEDs (red and green) allow to monitor device status


  • The programmer is compatible with USBasp (visible in the photo above)
  • 2 jumpers to configure the programmer

Package width 8 cm
Package height 2.1 cm
Package depth 12 cm
Package weight 0.037 kg

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AVR 2 programmer compatible with USBasp ISP


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Jan V. 13.07.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
rush hour
Leszek K. 09.02.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Super programmer - works great with Arduino and Mac OS (Catalina and Monterey). I recommend!
Przemysław T. 11.01.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
solidly made programmer, works from the shot.
Rafał K. 30.08.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review

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