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Bluetooth Speakers

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Bluetooth speaker with FM 3 W radio - Esperanza Trance

Portable large speaker is powered by a built-in battery, ideal for use outdoors, while traveling, or as a speaker. It has the ability to play radio, music via Bluetooth from a...
Index: ESP-13377
Index: ESP-13377
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Portable audio source with wireless interface

Wireless speakers are devices that receive audio signals via radio waves instead of audio cables. The two most popular audio transmission standards for this type of system are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Bluetooth speakers are more popular, due to the fact that this standard is more prevalent in audio devices, as well as equipment such as laptops and cell phones.

High power, compact design

Bluetooth speakers available at Botland store have a built-in power amplifier providing high volume levels, even despite their small size. Some of the devices are characterized by a power of up to 150 W, so they can provide excellent sound even in large rooms, as well as ensure good audibility of sounds and music played from your smartphone in an open space. In smaller rooms, for everyday use, we recommend Bluetooth speakers with lower power - in the range of 3 W to 30 W.

Advanced features available in Bluetooth speakers

Some of the bluetooth speakers available in our store have much more capabilities than just playing music. Some of the devices have a built-in FM radio, allowing you to play not only music from your smartphone or laptop, but also the regular radio. In our store you can also find devices that work with Amazon's Alexa Voice system, for example.