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Spresense Sony

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Sony Spresense 5MPx camera for Sony Spresense mainboard

Camera CXD5602PWBCAM1E with CMOS interface for the main module Sony Spresense - based on the system Sony CXD5602. The camera has a resolution of 5 MPx, viewing angle is...
Index: PMO-13561
Index: PMO-13561
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Sony Spresense - module IoT Sony CXD5602 Cortex M4F - GPS, Hi-Res audio

Development board based on Sony CXD5602 microcontroller with ARM Cortex M4F Hexa-Core 156 MHz. Microprocesor has a built-in GNSS chip supportings GPS, QZSS and Glonass....
Index: PMO-13558
Index: PMO-13558
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Sony Spresense Extension Board for Sony Spresense mainboard

Extension for the main module Sony Spresense based on the system Sony CXD5602. The board is equipped with a connector mini-Jack 3.5 mm, slot for memory cards microSD, as well...
Index: PMO-13559
Index: PMO-13559
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Waiting time approx. 10-30 days
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Sony Spresense capabilities

The Spresense microcomputers by Sony are devices offering a wide range of purposes. Their supporters are amateur DIY enthusiasts, creators of robots, as well as electronic engineers, who are responsible for large technological projects, making everyday life easier for people around the world. Sony has not only focused on new solutions, but also those that are already well known, proven and tested by themselves and others. These include electronic circuitry, which can be found in more complex models of headphones. To make the sound even more delightful and provide not only fans with a good sound unforgettable experience, the board is equipped with a 24-bit DAC. It is responsible for playing MP3 files, characterized by high resolution. You can also connect a microphone to the board, which is possible thanks to the 3.5 mm TRS analog connector. You'll use it to give voice commands, so you'll see the unlimited possibilities of artificial intelligence today. Moreover, the Sony Spresense board has a USB micro connector that communicates with an external computer and is also powered in this way. A big advantage of the microcomputer is its surprisingly low power consumption. You can work on it for many hours without access to power. This makes it possible to use it e.g. in robots or systems operating at a distance.

Spresense by Sony is perfect for devices with geographical location systems, as it has a built-in processor with GPS. These are only examples of the use of this versatile microcomputer, which has been developed with the use of proven technologies that are very successful in the electronic market, as well as new solutions.

Spresense extension board by Sony

The Spresense microcomputer is also extremely versatile. You can extend its capabilities by using peripheral devices. That' s why it has such a wide range of possibilities. You can program it using an editor created for Arduino, most of the programs written for Arduino will work well on the Sony board. This allows you to use the microcomputer to create, among other things, a geographic locator, neural network or MP3 player. There are many overlays for Arduino, which you can successfully use on the Sony Spresense disc. Use the microSD card slot to store more data, from the 3.5mm headphone connector to connect a hands-free kit or accessories to listen to your favorite music. The Sony board is designed to work with external devices that are powered at 3.3V or 5.0V.

In our shop's offer you will find both Sony Spresense boards as well as modules and accessories that are adapted to work with this board. Complete your project for the first robot management system or another advanced geographic locator.