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DJI Phantom drones

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DJI Phantom drones in Botland – get ready for the power of modern technology

The devices from the Phantom series are professional drones that have a lot of possibilities, but at the same time they are very intuitive, if not easy to use. DJI machines have been equipped with a number of modern technologies. They provide the highest quality of the recorded image, therefore they can be used to create professional films, advertising spots, photo sessions.

DJI Phantom drones can be divided into several basic versions. The advanced Phantom 3 Professional DJI and Phantom 3 Advanced are very popular. These devices are also available in the Standard version, which will meet the expectations of amateur users who are looking for a reliable drone. For professional use, it is worth checking out versions 4 PRO+ and 4 PRO Obsidian. However, all these machines are very advanced, as evidenced by technical parameters.

DJI Phantom series drones work with GPS and Glonass systems, which help stabilize the flight path. Thanks to them, the operator can see exactly where the drone is currently located. The innovative system, using the installed sensors, detects the nearest obstacles and effectively allows you to avoid them at a safe distance. What's more, the Active Track function implemented in DJI Phantom is also important, as it can track an object indicated by the user and follow it at a constant speed. The intelligent return option makes the machines safe. The drone will safely return to the starting point also when the battery is close to discharge.

High-quality image and professionally recorded video

DJI Phantom is a device for both professional drone operators, film makers, and enthusiasts of modern technologies who want to have great visual effects and have fun at the same time. These types of drones will allow you to record high-quality videos. Thanks to intelligent control systems, flying a drone has never been easier. DJI Phantom 'forgives' many mistakes of novice operators thanks to advanced stabilization and tracking systems for recorded objects.

In addition, the DJI Phantom is a drone equipped with a three-axis gimbal, which allows a stable and smooth image regardless of the flight path and weather conditions. Proper camera stabilization in DJI Phantom drones ensures high-quality frames and videos of people or objects in motion. In the most expensive version, the built-in CMOS camera allows you to record images in amazing 4K resolution at a distance of up to 3000 m. What's more The camera installed in the drone records the image without delay, which allows for precise control of the machine on a regular basis. Modern batteries when fully charged allow a continuous flight for up to 30 minutes. This time is achievable with no wind and a very quiet flight.

Sports mode and additional accessories for DJI Phantom

Enabling the special sport mode allows your Phantom to fly at speeds of up to 72 km / h in no wind conditions. Despite such high speed, the drone does not lose its functionality. It will be able to avoid obstacles all the time and will guarantee the highest quality of the recorded image.

The DJI Phantom uses ultra-light four propellers made of very light materials. These elements do not vibrate even during a very lively and aggressive flight. The DJI Phantom drone is extremely easy to fold and unfold. After finishing work, it is enough to pack the already assembled device into a bag. In the set you will find a lot of additional necessary accessories, such as a charger with a battery, a remote control enabling control during the flight, a wiring kit, gimbal protection and an SD card. Choose DJI Phantom now and let yourself be carried away by fantasy in the air!