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GPS trackers

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Car GPS/GSM Tracker Blow BL003 - magnet

GPS and GSM module is designed to track vehicles, packages, luggage, valuable things. It sends data of the location to the server, from where they can be obtained with the use...
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Index: PRO-10268
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GPS trackers - what is worth to know about those devices?

GPS trackers are devices that are most often battery-powered. For this reason, if the GPS tracker is not connected to the power supply from the electrical system in the car, it is necessary to periodically charge the battery of the GPS tracker. It is also worth knowing that the tracker connects to the GPS network via a SIM card, and the data transfer prices depend on the tariff of a given mobile operator. Then it is best to choose a subscription with the telephone network operator.

Track your car's position in real-time!

The offer of the Botland store includes both GPS trackers for cars, but also trackers of natural persons and animals. A device equipped with a GSM and GPS communication system downloads data from the server and tracks the position (coordinates) of the object in real-time. The GPS trackers sold by our store can also function in standby mode when information about the location of the object is not needed. In such a situation, the equipment only needs a small amount of energy, thanks to which the working time is significantly extended. The second mode is the continuous reporting of the current position so that in the event of a theft, finding the vehicle is only a matter of time. Our devices work properly in a wide range of operating temperatures, thanks to which they are distinguished by versatile use. Then the GPS tracker takes a very low value of current from the power source, which results in longer working time on a single charge. In addition, GPS trackers for motor vehicles have a built-in function for sending notifications thanks to the ability to support SIM cards. Then, the user can receive remote notifications about exceeding the speed of the vehicle or going outside the forbidden zone. We also offer car chargers for 12V and 24V voltage, thanks to which you can buffer the battery of the GPS tracker.

GPS trackers for humans and animals

The offer of the Botland store also includes GPS trackers designed to track the location of loved ones. We offer, among others device in the form of a stylish watch, which in addition to the location function allows you to count steps and immediately inform selected people about the device being outside the permitted zone. Built-in SOS function sends an emergency message if necessary. Thanks to the free mobile application for both Android, Apple and iOS operating systems, location tracking can be performed from virtually anywhere in the world. The small size and very low weight of the GPS trackers available in our offer guarantee comfortable to use in all conditions. Personal GPS trackers are extremely useful not only during trips but also in everyday situations. In our store, you can also buy GPS trackers for animals. While humans are usually close to their pets, there is sometimes a risk that a pet may suddenly run away from home. The reasons can be different: from theft to an unexpected twist of events. What does the pet owner do then? He searches the surrounding area, asks the residents if they have seen the animal, gives ads ... It takes a lot of time and nerves. Meanwhile, the missing animal may be quite close. He may also be in urgent need of help. A tracker with a GPS tracker is a real godsend in such crisis situations.