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Ohm's Law Calculator

Ohm's Law, along with Kirchhoff's Laws, is one of the fundamental equations in electronics and electrical engineering. Developed in 1827 by Georg Simon Ohm, it allows for the determination of one of the three basic physical quantities describing electricity (current, voltage, or resistance) based on the knowledge of the other two.

Resistor Circuit Calculator

Calculating the total resistance of a series connection of resistors is extremely simple – just sum up all the component resistances to get the result, which is the total resistance of the entire circuit.

Battery Capacity Calculator

If you want to know how long a battery will last, the calculator available on this page will be the perfect tool for making the appropriate estimates.

Programmer's Calculator

The most natural numeral system commonly used around the world is, of course, the decimal system. It uses ten digits, which – multiplied by successive powers of ten (in descending order) – collectively produce the desired number.

Resistor Calculator

Resistors available on the market are produced in a wide range of sizes, necessitating the use of various methods to denote the parameters of these components. - shop for makers!