Set of service tools for phones - 14 elements

Index: LEC-20610 EAN: 5904238713662
The set consists of basic components which allow you to perform the simplest tasks while servicing phones or tablets. With its use you can disassemble the casing of the phone / tablet for example to replace the screen or battery. The set includes: Torx screwdrivers, Phillips screwdriver, pentalobe and suction cup, case openers and flat triangular knuckles.
Set of service tools for phones - 14 elements
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Description: Set of service tools for phones - 14 items

Set consisting of basic elements allowing for the performance of the simplest tasks during service of phones or tablets. Set of service tools can be used in any home workshop and more professional service GSM devices. With its use you can disassemble the housing of the phone / tablet in order to replace the screen, battery, or diagnostics and servicing of motherboard. The set includes, among others: screwdrivers Torx T4, Phillips 1,5, pentalobe (Apple) and suction cup, openers / case openers and flat triangular knuckles.

Contents of the set

  • 1 x suction cup
  • 1 x flathead screwdriver 1,2 mm
  • 1 x tri-wing screwdriver 0,6 mm
  • 1 x phillips screwdriver 1,2 mm
  • 1 x phillips screwdriver 1,5 mm
  • 1 x phillips screwdriver 2 mm
  • 1 x Torx T2 screwdriver
  • 1 x Torx T3 screwdriver
  • 1 x Torx T4 screwdriver
  • 1 x Torx T5 screwdriver
  • 1 x Torx T6 screwdriver
  • 1 x star screwdriver 0,8 mm
  • 1 x star (pentalobe) screwdriver 1,2 mm (for Apple devices)
  • 2 x case openers/openers: wide angle and narrow flat
  • 2 x flat triangular knuckles
  • SIM card key
Zawartość zestawu narzędzi serwisowych do telefonów - 8 elementów Contents of phone service tool set - 14 items.

Package width 8 cm
Package height 11 cm
Package depth 1 cm
Package weight 0.021 kg

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Set of service tools for phones - 14 elements


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Petr 20.05.2024 Confirmed purchase Translated review
So far, I've used a few things from this set.
Jarek 18.03.2024 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Bottle openers and tool set as described. There is no set because I don't know about durability. This can only be verified by use. The previous one wasn't great. So here is a thoughtful evaluation. Sales service, as always, deserves a full set.
Miroslav 27.07.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Fast delivery
Włodzimierz 03.01.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Jan 19.12.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
tools are the basis
Jakub S. 14.07.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Jarosław P. 14.05.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Goods as described
Jaroslav 11.08.2023 Confirmed purchase

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