DFRobot Gravity – Lightning Sensor

Index: DFR-13752 EAN: 6959420914791

The module is equipped with the AMS AS3935 Franklin system and a special antenna Coilcraft MA5532-AE for determining the distance from atmospheric discharges, intensity and frequency within 40 km inside or outside.

DFRobot Gravity – Lightning Sensor
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Manufacturer: DFRobot
Compatibility: Arduino Raspberry Pi

Description of product: DFRobot Gravity – Lightning Sensor - sensor, detector of atmospheric dischargers

The module is equipped with theAMS AS3935 Franklinsystem and a special antennaCoilcraft MA5532-AEfor determining thedistancefrom atmospheric discharges,intensityandfrequencywithin40 kminside or outside. The kit includes a cable adapted to Gravity DFRobot IO Expansion Shield.

DFRobot Gravity - Lightning Sensor

Dueto the small dimensionsandwide detection range, it can also be used insmart clothingfor individuals working at heights. The sensor can also be used inintelligent building, which, after detecting the near atmospheric discharges, it gives the command of disconnecting from the electricity, the sensitive to these effects, devices. The module can also be useful for photographers at the moment of detection of the lightning,pin IRG generating the impulsecan be used to open the shutter.

Schemat podłączenia DFRobot Lighting Sensor - Arduino

Diagram of connecting the module toArduino

Schemat podłączenia modułu DFRobot Lightning Sensor - Raspberry Pi

Connection diagram of the module withthe Raspberry Pi

The application of the module DFRobot Gravity - Lighting Sensor 

  • The meteorological station (detection of storms)
  • Wearable devices (early warning about the storm)
  • Taking photos of lightnings
  • Automation for home

Module specification of DFRobot Gravity - Lightning Sensor

  • Input voltage: from 3.3 V to 5 V
  • Maximum detection range: 40 km in 15 steps
  • Resolution of detection range: from 1 km to 4 km
  • Intensity resolution: 21 bits, from 0 to 16777201
  • I2C address: 0x03, 0x02, 0x01
  • Interface: Gravity
  • Dimensions: 30 x 22 mm

Package width 5.5 cm
Package height 2.5 cm
Package depth 6 cm
Package weight 0.013 kg

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