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BitGadget Kit - Grove extension kit for micro:bit

BitGadget Kit including BitMaker cap, ultrasonic distance sensor, sound sensor, light sensor, potentiometer, button, analog servo, fan, RGB LED strip and 7 Grove cables....
Index: TGE-17402
Index: TGE-17402
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Regular price €62.71 Price €62.71

GameGo - handheld game console

A small, portable game console based on the STM32F401RET6 controller with an ARM Cortex M4 core, which can be programmed in a MakeCode environment using graphical blocks or...
Index: TGE-17405
Index: TGE-17405
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Grove Zero Car Kit - set of magnetically connected elements - 4 modules

The Grove Zero Car Kit comes with 4 modules to create a line follower robot. The use of magnetic connectors allows very simple and quick assembly making the kit ideal for the...
Index: TGE-17391
Index: TGE-17391
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Delivery scheduled for 2022-10-31
Regular price €60.54 Price €60.54