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SkriWare - educational robots

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SkriLab laboratory - extension to robotics lab

The extension is designed for the SkriLab robotics laboratory set. It is a proposal for those who buy the set and want to have more SkriKit bricks, mats and cards. The set...
Index: MBE-20571
Index: MBE-20571
Only on request
Waiting time: 1-2 weeks
Regular price €680.90 Price €680.90

SkriKit - construction kit

The SkriKit construction kit consists of 273 elements intended for assembling various types of robot models and other constructions. Thanks to it, children develop not only...
Index: MBE-20572
Index: MBE-20572
Only on request
Waiting time: 1-2 weeks
Regular price €42.90 Price €42.90

SkriWare: STEAM education on a new level

SkriWare is a company that focuses primarily on creating cutting-edge STEAM solutions designed with school-age children and young adults in mind. The main goal of SkriWare's toys, educational materials and robots is to familiarize students with 3D printing, or modern electronic devices, and to encourage them to develop in science subjects - such as programming, robotics, mathematics, physics or chemistry, among others. Moreover, all the company's teaching tools are designed to stimulate children's creativity and support their natural curiosity about the world, as well as to develop various skills useful in future work, such as planning, analyzing and solving problems, or teamwork. In addition, children also develop manual skills and spatial imagination, which are useful not only in their careers, but also in many areas of everyday life.

Why choose SkriWare products?

All SkriWare toys, learning materials and teaching tools are carefully considered products that have been designed and constructed using scientific research, analysis and practical experience in the field of education. This enables educators and teachers to achieve tangible results while keeping students interested and optimizing the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. In addition, the company actively supports educational activities through its own SkriWare Academy platform, the Future Labs program, and participation in various local events. All SkriWare products, such as educational robots, construction kits or electronic devices, have been designed and manufactured with the utmost care, so you can be sure of their durability, strength and safety, which is especially important when working with children. It is worth noting that all SkriWare products are mutually compatible (among other things, they allow you to print additional parts with a 3D printer), so you can creatively combine them and gain new, interesting functions. Moreover, by choosing SkriWare, you support Polish entrepreneurship and contribute to popularization of domestic companies on the global market.

Educational robots and other SkriWare products in our offer

Our product range includes many SkriWare products designed for teaching robotics, physics and related fields. Among other things, you will find SkriKit construction kits that enable you to learn mechanics in practice, develop manual skills by building robot models, and create other interesting constructions with the help of special building blocks. We also offer modern SkriBot educational robots that enable you to learn robotics at every stage, from creating the project and building the framework construction, through assembling electronic elements, to block or text programming. In our assortment you will also find SkriLab Laboratory educational kits, which consist of SkriWare robots, mats and learning cards, a 3D printer, materials for the teacher and a wide range of virtual tools and teaching aids. The kit is compliant with the requirements of the public school support program Laboratories of the Future.