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Interactive educational robots

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MakeBlock Codey Rocky - programmable educaional robot

Codey Rocky is a friendly robot designed to teach kids programming through play. It uses the mBlock app, which supports block programming and Python programming. Codey takes...
Index: TRB-14143
Index: TRB-14143
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Sphero Bolt - educational robot

A sphere-shaped educational robot manufactured by Sphero . Bolt is a highly advanced STEAM coding and learning sphere designed for children ages 8 and up. Sphero Bolt is...
Index: ALS-19704
Index: ALS-19704
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Sphero Indi - educational robot

Indi is a car-shaped driving robot created by Sphero. The Indi robot helps to teach STEAM at the elementary level in an accessible way to children from the age of 4 . It...
Index: ALS-19939
Index: ALS-19939
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DJI RoboMaster S1 - educational robot

The kit consists of elements for self-assembly of the DJI brand robot. RoboMaster allows users to understand science, mathematics, physics, programming and other issues...
Index: AKR-15663
Index: AKR-15663
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Apitor Robot X - educational robot building kit

Apitor Robot X set consists of 600 bricks which enable to build 12 different structures, designed for children aged 8+. Blocks included in the set are also compatible with...
Index: AKR-19703
Index: AKR-19703
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Interactive educational robots - why are they so valuable?

Buying an interactive learning robot for your child or for you is a great way to encourage learning. Devices offered in this category are distinguished by their excellent designs which make interactive robots so engaging. It is very important for your child to start learning as soon as possible and gain positive experiences with modern technologies. Currently, the labour market lacks well-trained automation and robotics specialists and programmers. Many companies conduct training on their own for those willing to sign employment contracts with them later. The demand is constantly growing and will be even greater with the technological progress. That's why it is worthwhile to encourage your children to take an interest in technical sciences and programming today. Educational robots, which can be assembled and then programmed using the appropriate interface, are an excellent learning tool for the youngest, for teenagers and even for yet inexperienced adults. When you buy an interactive robot, you will give your child a tool to have fun and at the same time take care of his or her future and mental development.

Interactive learning robots teach programming!

One of the ways to establish better interaction between a human and a robot is to make the machine look like a human. The Picoh Education Robot looks like a human bust, is equipped with a set of LEDs that imitate eye movements and has a specially designed mouth. The user does not have to assemble the machine by himself before use (as is the case with most educational robots). The product is primarily designed to interact with the user through a smartphone or computer. For this purpose, a block Scratch language is used, which is a significant facilitation for people who have no previous contact with programming. For more advanced users there is also the possibility of programming in Python language - this means that the device is also compatible with Windows-based computers and mini-computers such as Raspberry Pi.

What else can you find in our offer?

Our offer includes, among others, JIMU Box set, which consists of 116 special blocks, 2 motors (servo), minicomputer, power supply and battery. It is a product designed for children - it develops their creativity very strongly, at the same time teaching practical knowledge in the field of programming, electronics and mechanics. The set also includes clear and intuitive instructions, thanks to which you can easily build 6 sample models of robots. A properly built robot can be easily programmed in the "Blocky" environment, using a dedicated application for Android or IOS devices. The smartphone connects via Bluetooth to the robot logic and sends commands programmed on screen. The whole set can be freely extended by buying more JIMU products. Your child can freely create complex, creative designs from blocks and electronic components and program the way they will behave themselves. For example, the user can save the robot's movement by moving one of its arms, and then use the saved sequence in their programs, creating a creation such as a dancing robot. You will also find products specifically designed for the youngest, such as Robobloq Qobo, a robot-screw for children from 3 years old to learn programming. The programmable Glint bracelet is designed for six-year-olds and allows you to program its unique behaviour using 12 diodes and an accelerometer. The Photon EDU Interactive Robot is sold together with the tablet, allowing the child to learn spatial orientation, planning, develop their creativity, learn to use a range of sensors for complex robot behaviour sequences and many other skills. The device offers the possibility of graphic programming even for children who are not yet able to read (from 3 years), or it allows to write the command code for much more advanced ones, as well as to use intermediate difficulty levels.