Bird repeller - 230V - Viano OP-2

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The Bird Scarecrower is a tool that makes it easy to get rid of pests from the field, garden, plot or orchard. The device is completely safe for animals and people, and its operation is based on the use of a motion sensor, which sends out an appropriate signal when it detects activity in the monitored area. On the basis of this sensor, the deterrent starts emitting sounds of birds of prey.

Bird repeller - 230V - Viano OP-2
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Manufacturer: Viano

Description: Bird de-strike - 230 V - Viano OP-2

The Bird Scarecrower is a tool that makes it easy to get rid of pestsfrom the field, garden, plot or orchard. The device is completely safe foranimals and people, and its operation is based on the use of a motion sensor, which sends outan appropriate signalwhen it detects activity in the monitored area. Thedetectorstarts emitting sounds ofbirds of prey, whichmakes the pests move away from the protected area.

Urządzenie imituje dźwięki wydawane przez ptaki drapieżne.

The device imitates sounds made by birds of prey.

What birds of prey are harming your garden

The most invasive, harmful species include sparrows, crows, starlings, blackbirds, scythes, gloves, rooks and jackdaws. They eatfruitgrown in gardens and orchards (especially cherries, sour cherries, grapes and currants) and peck out freshly sownseeds, so that plants have no chance to germinate. Pigeons, which nest on balconies and under roofs, are also a huge problem, especially in cities.

The inhabitants complain about theexcrements and feathersleft behindandthe unpleasant smell, but the most dangerous are the microorganisms and parasites that these birds carry, which can cause seriouszoonoses. Therefore, the best solution is to keep harmful bird species away from the apartment, garden or plot. For example, an electronic birdscavengercan be a very convenient way to keep birds away.

Odstraszacz wyposażono w czujnik ruch, który nieprzerwanie monitoruje obszar docelowy.

The deterrent is equipped with a motion sensor that continuously monitors the target area.

Solution - electronic bird deterrent

The electronic dehumidifier is a small device that uses a built-in radarmotionsensor to operate.This element detects the activity of animals within the protected zone and then sends the appropriate signal to the controller. This activates a loudspeaker that emits sounds of birds of prey so that pests are warned not toapproach.

The presented model was created by the Polish brandViano, which is a well-known manufacturer ofultrasonicand electronic repellents on our market. The device is perfectly adapted to the prevailingclimatic conditionsin the countryandthe most common pest species, which ensures even higher efficiency.

Uchwyt montażowy jest przytwierdzony do obudowy odstraszacza.

The mounting bracket is fixed to thedeterrenthousing.

Practical, convenient and economical

TheVianobird deterrent is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to solve the problem of birdpestsonce and for allon a plot, garden or orchard. The device is equipped with a number of useful solutions, including a radar motion sensor, which is able to detect the presence of animals in a full field 360°verticallyand horizontally, even from a distance of up to twelve meters.

In addition, the frightened bird has a built-intwilight system, so that it will not make a sound when night falls (the vast majority of birds have a daily life). The device has two modes of operation:motion detectionandtime activation, which can work simultaneously. The bird deterrent has been made with the use of the highest quality electronic components, so you can be sure of its efficient operation, durability and reliability.

Do zasilania odstraszacza wykorzystywany jest zasilacz sieciowy dołączony do zestawu.

The power supply of theunitis provided by the included 6 V power supply.

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: 230 V
  • Power consumption: 26 mA
  • Angle of ultrasound emission: up to 310°
  • Sound power: 120 dB
  • Operating temperature: -30°Cto70°C
  • Operating area: up to 4000m2
  • Dimensions: 225 x 160 mm
  • Weight: 950 g

Voltage to 230 V
Voltage from 230 V

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