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Robotic dogs

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Petoi Bittle - bionic dog - educational robot - Seeedstudio 114992499

Petoi Bittle is a bionic dog - an educational robot, which was created thanks to the cooperation of the popular company Petoi and TinkerGen . Small in size, agile and...
Index: SEE-18810
Index: SEE-18810
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Pippy - bionic robot dog - Raspberry Pi compatible - Waveshare 19525

Bionic robot from Waveshare in the form of a dog - Pippy. It is equipped with a number of sensors that allow it to perform actions such as monitoring the environment,...
Index: WSR-19362
Index: WSR-19362
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Sensor Pack for Petoi Bittle - Seeedstudio 114992505

A set of modules and sensors that can be used as an extension to the Petoi Bittle bionic dog, which is a collaboration between popular company Petoi and TinkerGen . The set...
Index: SEE-19503
Index: SEE-19503
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Dogs' robots. What are they for?

The basic driving force behind the idea to create the offered dog robots is to bring joy to customers for whom having such a device is one of their dreams. A few years ago we could watch amazing videos where scientists from America presented the effects of their work in creating a robot dog that was to be used in the army to transport heavy things on foot. Today, Boston Dynamic offers a highly advanced dog robot that is able to surprise any viewer with its incredible motor skills. Robots in this category are designed primarily for educational purposes. Thanks to the fascination with the topic of robot dogs and attractive visual and functional aspects of the devices the user will use them more often, which in turn will translate into better results in learning electronics and robotics.

Robot dog - education with pleasure

Devices from the "robot dog" category were created to popularize knowledge in the field of electronics, mechanics and robotics. A child who receives such a robot will be able to experience on their own how each particular part of the device works. Learning to control itself develops spatial skills, while observing the work of different parts of the equipment helps to develop a basic understanding of mechanics and electronics. It is very important that the children who start their education today are encouraged to develop their interests in the field of science related to automation, robotics and programming. The world is constantly evolving and introducing new technologies, often turning new jobs that did not require creative thinking into jobs for programmers and automation and robotics specialists. Among the predictions for the future, it is practically certain that the current market situation will become even more visible with the development of many technologies. That is why it is very important to encourage children to learn logical and abstract thinking from an early age.

Robotic dogs - what exactly do we offer?

In our offer you can find many sets of robots to build yourself. Very often the attached manual explains in detail a few sample projects of robots, but you can also build and program your own version of the robot - for example, a dog. The robot dogs that we offer in ready-made versions include the "Dogo Dog Rastar" and another Robot Dog. The device is remotely controlled with a dedicated pad. At the ends of their legs, the robots have small wheels, thanks to which they are able to move smoothly in the same way as mobile four-wheel robots. The distance between the legs can be easily changed to imitate the realistic behaviour of the dog. Depending on the model, robots are also able to simulate head shaking, squatting, crawling, tail merging, barking, peeing or even dancing. Using different combinations of these activities, the robot is able to simulate emotions such as joy, anxiety, fear and excitement. Buying such a device and giving it to your child is an excellent investment in its future. Very often such gifts are able to be the beginning of a passion that will last a lifetime. In addition, toys help to sensitize the child to the emotions felt by animals or their behavior and make the toddler interested in this subject too.