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Solar educational robots

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Velleman KSR14 - solar powered rover

The set includes elements to build a robot powered by solar panels. Mounting kit allows you to explore the key issues associated with electronics and mechanics,  while giving...
Index: VEL-10717
Index: VEL-10717
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Velleman KSR13 - 14in1 robot building kit - powered by solar energy

Set allows you to build 14 project with various skill levels working on solar energy. Mounting kit allows you to explore the key issues associated with electronics and...
4.7 (8)
Index: VEL-10716
Index: VEL-10716
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Regular price €28.00 Price €28.00

Velleman KSR17 - 12in1 robot building kit - powered by solar energy

Set allows you to build 12 designs with various degree of skill, running on solar energy. Construction kit allows you to explore the key issues associated with electronics and...
5.0 (4)
Index: VEL-13896
Index: VEL-13896
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Velleman KSR15 - wild boar powered by solar energy

The set includes elements for building a robot powered by solar panels. Construction  kit allows you to explore the key issues in electronics and mechanics, while providing...
4.7 (3)
Index: VEL-13977
Index: VEL-13977
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Why should you reach for educational robots?

The constant development of technology makes it necessary to keep learning in order to stay up to date. Building educational robots on your own on the basis of construction sets is a great opportunity to enrich your knowledge in the fields of science, electronics and mechanics, and at the same time a good way to improve your manual skills and gain practical experience in creating different structures. In the case of children and teenagers, such fun also allows them to get acquainted with new fields, which may become their profession in the future - the demand for engineers, programmers and electronics is constantly growing, so it is worth showing your kids the advantages of getting to know these departments of science. Even if their professional path ultimately turns out to be different, playing with educational robots will help your child develop valuable skills related to logical thinking, analyzing and solving problems or planning work and predicting its results, which are useful in any profession. Thanks to this, the young person will also be able to become a conscious consumer of innovative technologies in the future, even if he or she does not directly contribute to their creation. This is very important because modern technical solutions are currently used in virtually every field - not only in science or industry, but also in medicine, and even in humanities and artistic professions.

Solar educational robots - learning robotics and ecology in one

Educational robots using the energy from the Sun to work is a great opportunity to learn about several issues simultaneously. Building the device on your own from the parts included in the set allows you to improve your manual skills and learn practical rules related to mechanics and electronics. In turn, the presence of photovoltaic cells makes it possible to check how this type of power supply works and what are its possibilities and limitations (for example related to exposure to sunlight). If you plan to give the robot to a child or a teenager, it is also an excellent opportunity to raise the issue of environmental protection and to learn more about the effects of fossil fuels and their alternative in the form of renewable energy sources. Different types of solar educational robots present different constructions and ways of moving, which are a good way to learn the practical aspects related to the laws of physics (for example, balance or frictional effects). The use of construction kits enabling the construction of more than one device also develops creativity and encourages the testing of non-standard, innovative technical solutions.

Solar-powered robots in Botland

There are many solar-powered robots available in our range. Among other things, we offer a set designed to build a Velleman Robotic Boar, which is equipped with a motor that reaches a speed of twelve thousand rpm. Another proposal for self-assembly is a six-wheeled rover with four-wheel drive. In this category you will also find a construction kit with a solar battery, on the basis of which you can build as many as fourteen different educational robots of varying degrees of sophistication (among them there is a walking machine, a dog, a tongues, a crab, a creeper, a surfer, a boxer or a roaster). We also offer a set consisting of as many as 230 elements and allowing to assemble twelve constructions on their basis, such as pterosaur, crocodile, excavator, ostrich, monkey, forklift or rover avoiding obstacles. Depending on the product chosen, individual educational robots are designed for children from the age of eight or for young people over fourteen.