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Bells and intercoms

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Eura-tech Eura ADP-11A3 Invito - intercom - white

The Eura ADP-11A3 Invito is an intercom kit designed for use in single-family homes. It consists of a hands-free uniphone, an external cassette and a power supply. It enables...
Index: EUR-14027
Index: EUR-14027
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Facial and mask recognition system and body temperature measurement - Zamel Gardi SRT-02

The system created by Zamel, which allows in a modern, safe and contactless way to control access to a specific object for authorized persons based on facial recognition. It...
Index: ZML-19580
Index: ZML-19580
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Facial and mask recognition system - Zamel Gardi SRT-02/L

The system created by Zamel allows to control access to a specific object for authorized persons based on facial recognition. It can be used in companies, offices, schools,...
Index: ZML-19581
Index: ZML-19581
Only on request
Waiting time: 1-2 weeks
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A stylish doorbell is not only a way to increase the convenience of using an apartment, house or company premises - it is also an important image element, clearly showing that the owners of the premises value modernity and ergonomics. What's more, today you can more and more often find solutions that act as a completely automatic access control system, based on the latest technologies and advanced vision algorithms. Our offer includes a wide range of excellent devices from branded manufacturers.

Bells, video intercoms and electronic peepholes

With the development of electronics, innovative solutions find their way to the proverbial roof. Not long ago, no one would have thought that even a doorbell could contain modern technology with surprising possibilities. Such a device was developed by the Eura brand - the WDP-80H2 Folk wireless doorbell uses a breakthrough technology that, by converting mechanical energy (released when pressing a key) into electrical energy, is able to power a transmitter placed at the door without the need to use batteries. Communication with the receiver (signaler) takes place in the unlicensed 433 MHz band.

The same manufacturer also implemented an electronic door viewer, which instead of classic optics contains... a high-quality camera and a 3.2" screen. The whole thing is mounted in a standard hole, and the device is powered by three AAA batteries. Our offer also includes an aesthetic and modern intercom, equipped with the function of discreet listening to the surroundings of the external cassette and a 12-volt output controlling the lock.

Zamel has developed ultra-modern access control systems which - based on advanced algorithms running under the control of Linux - are able to automatically recognize the user's face, and even check the presence of a protective mask and... measure the temperature using a miniature thermal imaging camera.