Fibaro Wall Plug Type F - Z-Wave Plus - white - FGWPF-102

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The Fibaro Wall Plug F smart electrical socket is an innovative solution that allows remote control of electrical devices via a smartphone. It has an F-type socket with two holes without a grounding pin. This smart socket offers the function of measuring the current electricity and power consumption . The device ensures convenience and comfort of using connected devices.
Fibaro Wall Plug Type F - Z-Wave Plus - white - FGWPF-102
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Manufacturer: Fibaro

Product description: Fibaro Wall Plug Type F - Z-Wave Plus smart socket - white - FGWPF-102

Fibaro Wall Plug F is an intelligent WiFi socket that allows you to remotely manage devices using an easy-to-use application on your smartphone. It is equipped with an E-type socket, characterized by two holes and no grounding pin. This solution allows you to measure current energy consumption and has access to the history and statistics of the device. The socket changes color depending on the level of energy consumption, which is indicated by the built-in LED ring - from blue for low consumption to purple for very high consumption. Additionally, it is compatible with popular voice assistants such as Apple Siri, which allows you to control devices using simple voice commands. Thanks to the Fibaro application, it is also possible to create personalized socket operation schedules, ensuring automatic switching on and off of connected devices at selected hours. Fibaro Wall Plug F is an excellent tool that increases the convenience and efficiency of energy management in your home

The Fibaro Wall Plug F smart socket lies on a white background.

Fibaro Wall Plug Type F - Z-Wave Plus smart socket - white - FGWPF-102.

The Fibaro Wall Plug F smart socket lies on a white background.

This smart home element allows you to remotely control connected electrical devices.

Main features of a smart socket

  • Z-Wave Plus communication protocol
  • Enables remote control of an electrical device connected to a socket with a maximum load of 2500 W
  • Possibility to measure current electricity consumption and active power
  • Function to check device history and statistics
  • The color of the built-in LED lighting changes depending on the amount of electricity consumed
  • Easy-to-use application for mobile devices
  • Device operation scheduling function available
  • Possibility to program advanced scenarios
  • It has an F-type socket

Monitoring electricity consumption

The Fibaro Wall Plug socket is an advanced solution that offers users the ability to closely monitor electricity consumption . With the integrated mobile app, users can track exactly how much energy their electrical appliances are using in real time and over a specified period of time. This gives them full control over their electricity consumption.

Work scheduling

The intelligent device is equipped with a work planning function , which allows you to program smart home devices to automatically turn on and off at specific times. This is an ideal solution for users who want to adjust the operation of various devices to a specific time of day .

Synchronization with the smartphone application

This product is integrated with the FIBARO application , which allows the user to remotely control all connected devices. This means that regardless of whether the user is at home, in the office or on a well-deserved vacation, he can easily manage the operation of his devices using his smartphone. This translates into time savings and greater convenience for the user.

You can download the free FIBARO application on both Android and iOS devices.

The Fibaro Wall Plug F smart socket lies on a white background.

The smart electrical socket has a work scheduling mode.

The Fibaro Wall Plug F smart socket lies on a white background with a box.

The electrical socket connects to the smartphone via the Z-Wave network gateway.

Technical specifications of the socket

  • Producer: Fibaro
  • Model: Wall Plug Type F
  • Product code: FGWPF-102
  • Socket type: F
  • Connectivity technology: wireless
  • Wireless protocol: Z-Wave Plus
  • Z-Wave frequency: 868.4MHz, 868.42MHz, 869.85MHz
  • Supply voltage: 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Rated current (resistive load): 11 A
  • Device power: 2500 W
  • Mobile application: FIBARO
  • Voice assistant: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
  • Product color: white
  • Dimensions: 43 x 65 mm

Z-Wave Plus device compatibility

Z-Wave Plus is a developed version of the international Z-Wave wireless communication protocol, used in smart home systems. Z-Wave Plus introduces several key improvements that increase the reliability, performance and functionality of this protocol. Z-Wave Plus ensures reliable communication by confirming all messages in two directions every time. It enables a greater communication range, which means that devices can be separated from each other over a greater distance without loss of signal quality. It is also more energy-efficient and safer than the previous version. Despite these improvements, Z-Wave Plus is backwards compatible with Z-Wave devices, which means new and older devices can work together in one system.

Z-Wave logo on a white background.

Z-Wave communication protocol.

Smart Home Wall Socket
Communication Z-Wave
Package width 6.5 cm
Package height 6.5 cm
Package depth 7.5 cm
Package weight 0.092 kg

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