USB-UART FTDI 3,3/5V converter for USB cable

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The converter allows for communication between USB and UART interfaces. It allows you to exchange data between a PC and a board with a microcontroller. The module includes a reliable chip FT232 made by FTDI and a socket for the USB cable type B.

USB-UART FTDI 3,3/5V converter for USB cable
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Manufacturer: MSX Elektronika

Product description:Converter USB - UART FTDI 3.3 V/5V by USB cable

Converter enables the connection between two popular serialinterfaces USB and UART.The module is based on the reliable FTDI chip made by FT232RL (documentation), it ensures stable operation and cooperation with the most popular operating systems.


The module can be used for exchange data between the computer and the microcontroller system or for programming electronic sets from the remote serial interface, e.g.ArduinoorSTM32Discovery.The system is equipped with a connector cable USB type B (so-called printer cable - not included).

Konwerter USB-UART FTDI 3,3/5V na przewód USB

Converter USB - UART FTDI 3.3 V/5V for USB cable


The module can be easily integrated into prototype breadoard - includes connectors goldpin (independent soldering).


Outputs of converter module USB to UART

The module has terminals in the form of angular goldpin connectors with the signals RxD, TxD, RTS, CTS, and power: PWR and GND. The voltage level on the pin PWR is selectable via a jumper:

  • 5 V - power is supplied from the USB port through a polymer fuse, to prevent damage to the port (maximum current 500mA)
  • 3.3 V - power is removed from the internal regulator FTDI chip (max. 50 mA current)

Opis wyprowadzeń konwertera USB

The outputs of the converter module.

Additionally, customizable BUS pins (C3, C4, C5) and the rest of the transmission signals: RI, DTR, DSR, DCD were derived from the soldering pads. They can be used for more complex data transmissions.


Converter - chip FT232RL
Converter - Socket USB B
Converter - Interface UART
Package width 4 cm
Package height 1.7 cm
Package depth 8.5 cm
Package weight 0.01 kg

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