Facial and mask recognition system and body temperature measurement - Zamel Gardi SRT-02

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The system created by Zamel, which allows in a modern, safe and contactless way to control access to a specific object for authorized persons based on facial recognition. It is perfect for companies, offices, schools, hotels and public buildings. Advanced algorithms allow the reader to recognize faces, as well as worn masks, measure body temperature and on this basis grant access to selected rooms, objects, etc.
Facial and mask recognition system and body temperature measurement - Zamel Gardi SRT-02
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Zamel Gardi SRT-02 - version:
Manufacturer: Zamel Supla

Product description: Facial recognition system, worn mask and body temperature measurement - Zamel Gardi SRT-02

System created by Zamel, which enables in a modern, safe and contactless way tocontrol accessto a particular object for authorised persons based on face recognition. It can be used in companies, offices, schools, hotels and public buildings. Advanced algorithms allow the reader torecognise facesandmasks worn, to measurebody temperatureand on this basis to grant access to selected rooms, objects etc. The SRT-02 system enables recording the time of entry and exit of a given person from the facility. Entry may be allowed during specific hours and on specific days of the week. An additional function ismask detection, which allows admitting persons only with a mask on. The system is also equipped with a non-contact body temperature monitor, which can restrict access to persons with an elevated temperature. The necessity of putting on the mask is also signalled by an appropriate voice message.

System rozpoznawania twarzyFace recognition system.
Kolorowe oznaczenia

Colored markings informing about the possibility or lack of it of entering the room/object.

How face recognition system works

The Zamel Gardi SRT-02 system has arelay outputwhich allows to controlan electricdoor strike or other elements controlling doors, gates, wickets etc. After detecting a face and, if necessary, ensuring that the person is wearing a mask and has an appropriate body temperature, the system switches on therelay, opening e.g. an electric door strike, which makes it possible to enter a room / object. The whole configuration of the device together with the registration of the authorized persons is done from any computer and the application installed on it. The panel is connected to the computer viaRJ45connector only for the time of configuration, then it can work independently. The device can be mounted directly on the wall or set on a table. Very aesthetic and modern design and illuminated in different colors light ring are additional advantages of the device. The colour of the ring additionally informs the user:red- "you may not enter",green- "please enter". The system can be configured according to your needs, e.g. for temperature measurement only, without the face recognition or vice versa.

Main features of the face recognition system

  • Advanced and fast (about 200 ms) face recognition systems.
  • Relay output to control an electric door strike, door drive, turnstile, etc.
  • Mask on detection.
  • Automatic screen awakening after a person approaches the device.
  • 4 GB RAM, Linux-based device.
  • Wiegand output.
  • Voice and text messages in Polish.
  • Camera resolution 2 Mpx (Sony CMOS sensor).
  • Non-contact, automatic body temperature measurement (accuracy +/- 0.3°C)
  • Multicolor light ring signaling the possibility of entry or lack of it.
Rozpoznawanie założonej maseczkiThe possibility of recognition of the mask worn.
Zawartość zestawuContents of the face recognition system kit.

Face recognition system specifications

  • Working temperature: from 0°C to 30°C
  • Degree of protection: IP32
  • Relay output type: NO
  • Maximum number of faces: 2000
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Display size: 5"
  • Dimensions: 165 x 165 x 28 mm

Set contents

  • Face recognition panel
  • Connection wires
  • Wall and table mount bracket
  • Power supply

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