Force sensor FSR-400 - 2kg round 5mm - Pololu 1695

Index: PLL-00752 EAN: 5904422366568

The force sensor reduces its resistance when the force put to the round tip, accumulates. The sensor is round with a diameter of 5 mm.

Force sensor FSR-400 - 2kg round 5mm - Pololu 1695
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FSR force sensor - size:
Manufacturer: Pololu
Compatibility: Arduino


  • External dimensions: 7.6 x 7.6 x 0.4 mm
  • Range: from 0.2 N to 20 N
  • Model: FSR-400
  • Weight: 0.15 g


More details in thedocumentation.



The sensor reduces its resistance when the force put to the tip, increases. Due to this phenomenon, and the use of microcontroller with analog to digital converter, you can build a sensor that measures the force of pressure. The measurement can be displayed, for example, on the LCD display.


When the force doesn't work on sensor, the resistance is approximately 1. When putting on the finger with varying force, meter showed from 100 to several hundredΩ.


Układ pomiarowy i wykres zależności napięć i rezystancji od przyłożonej siły


Measurement and graphs of the dependence of voltages and resistance from the applied force



The product is compatible with Arduino

Online, you can find a tutorial along with a sample code for Arduino onthe bildr.


 Our offer also includes other sensors:


Package width 7.5 cm
Package height 0.1 cm
Package depth 7.5 cm
Package weight 0.001 kg

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Force sensor FSR-400 - 2kg round 5mm - Pololu 1695


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Tomáš 30.07.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Compared to sensors from China, it is really sensitive, reacting up to 4.5g

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