mmWave Radar Sensor - human activity sensor - 60GHz - Seeedstudio 101990981

Index: SEE-21852
mmWave Radar Sensor is a human action sensor that uses FMCW detecting human activity including moving, standing and falling. It is perfect for use in a hospital, home and hotel.
mmWave Radar Sensor - human activity sensor - 60GHz - Seeedstudio 101990981
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Manufacturer: Seeedstudio
Compatibility: Arduino

Product description: mmWave Radar Sensor - Human Action Sensor - 60 GHz - Seeedstudio 101990981

The mmWave Radar Sensor by Seeedstudio provides exit accuracy, 90% drop detection and 90% presence detection. The sensor is resistant to unfavorable operating conditions such as temperature, humidity, noise, air flow, dust and light. The device sends signals with high accuracy, thanks to the use of standard algorithms and a built-in antenna on the board. It is the ideal solution for high-precision, self-regulating, privacy-protected, secure biotechnology radar systems in private property surveillance, fall protection, elderly health care, suitable for home, hotel and hospital use. Designed in such a way that the radar maintains a health-friendly working condition during observation. The radar module uses FMCV monitoring technology which provides privacy protection through surveillance without identification.

mmWave Radar Sensor.

human action sensor

Human action sensor.

Product features

  • Improved theory: implementation of radar detection based on 60 GHz FM continuous wave signal
  • Enhanced Detection Algorithm: Detect and correct human activities simultaneously, including moving, falling, and stationing in a self-adaptive environment
  • Privacy Protection: Adopted FMCW monitoring technology to provide surveillance without being identified
  • Health-friendly working condition: Output power low enough to be harmless to the human body
  • High stability: Independent of temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light and other environmental influences
  • High measurement accuracy: Fall detection accuracy of up to 90% and presence detection accuracy of up to 90% achieved.

product specification

  • Detection radius of people movement: 6 m
  • Fall monitoring radius: 2.5 m
  • Radar detection angle (horizontal): 100º
  • Radar detection angle (slope): 100º
  • Working voltage
    • Min: 4.5V
    • Standard: 5V
    • Max: 6V
  • Working Current:
    • Min: 90 mA
    • Standard: 93 mA
    • Max: 100 mA
  • Working temperature:
    • Min: -20ºC
    • Max: 60 ° C
  • Storage temperature:
    • Min: -40 ° C
    • Max: 80 ° C
  • Working frequency:
    • Min: 58 GHz
    • Max: 63.5 GHz
  • Max. transmitted power: 6 dbm
  • Frequency: 60 GHz
  • Technology: FMCW
  • Antenna: 1T3R
  • Position detection: Yes

mmWave Radar Sensor - down.

Package width 6.5 cm
Package height 12 cm
Package depth 1 cm
Package weight 0.005 kg

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