Relay module 2 channels H/L with optoisolation - 10A/250VAC contacts - 5V coil

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The module has two SRD-05 relays with the coil powered with the voltage of 5 V with optical isolation of the input and mounting holes. The system allows you to control actuators using the microcontroller ports or any development kit using the low or high statua - selected by jumper.

Relay module 2 channels H/L with optoisolation - 10A/250VAC contacts - 5V coil
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  • The VCC supply voltage: 5 V
  • Activated by the low or high status - select with jumper H/L
  • Control signal: 3 V
  • Relay: SRD-05VDC-SL-C (documentation)
    • Coil voltage: 5 V
    • The maximum voltage of contacts: 250 V AC, 110 VDC*
    • Maximum current: 10 a
  • Connectors:screw ARK connectors
  • Board sizes: 50 x 41 mm
  • Diameter of mounting holes: 3 mm


* Maximum contact voltage depends on the type of load - details inthe documentation, tab. 7. Contact Rating.


The module allows to control the actuators consuming the current of up to 10 A using the microcontroller's port or any development kit, for example,ArduinoandRaspberry Pithrough the low or high status selected by jumper. Optoinsulation separates the control signal from the part associated with the power of the relay, thereby providing work safety of the management system.


For proper operation, it is sufficient to connect the power to the relay coil and the digital control signal. The pins arethe screw ARK connectorsthat are connected by any cables with the removed insulation at the ends.


  • DC+- power supply of system
  • DC- ground of the system
  • IN1, IN2- control inputs of the relays activated by the high or low status
  • Jumper- to change the status of the activation of the relay:
    • the H position- the specified channel is activated by the high status
    • the L position- the specified channel is activated by the low status
  • Output relay contacts:
    • NC- COM is shorted by default
    • COM- shared, shorted with NC or NO, depending on the control signal
    • WELL- splayed by default

Examples of application

  • Driver of lighting
  • The driver of actuators
  • Switch for electric devices, including motors


Channels 2
Interface Digital I / O
Test 3
Package width 6 cm
Package height 2 cm
Package depth 5 cm
Package weight 0.03 kg

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Relay module 2 channels H/L with optoisolation - 10A/250VAC contacts - 5V coil


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