Hall sensor AH49E - Waveshare 9522

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Module with Hall sensor with analog and digital output. It works with voltage from 2.3 V to 5.3 V. It provides the detection of a magnetic field.

Hall sensor AH49E - Waveshare 9522
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Manufacturer: Waveshare
Compatibility: Arduino


Module with Hall sensor with analog and digital output. It works with voltage from 2.3 V to 5.3 V. It provides the detection of a magnetic field. The output voltage of the sensor is proportional to the value of the induction of the magnetic field.

The product is compatible with Arduino

The manufacturer has prepared a user guide along witha sample program for Arduino and STM32.



  • Supply voltage: from 2.3 V to 5.3 V
  • Analog and digital output signal
  • It is equipped with a Hall sensor AH49E (documentation)
  • Sensitivity: 1,6 mV/GS
  • The kit includes a cable with female ends
  • Module dimensions: 26 x 16 mmCzujnik Halla wraz z dołączonym przewodem

The included cable allows you to easily connect the device.



The device has a 4-pin connector. The output signal can lead, for example, to an input of the analogmodule of Arduino.

Pin Description
VCC Supply voltage: from 2.3 V to 5.3 V.
GND The ground of the system.
AOUT Analog output signal.
DOUT The digital output signal, the sensitivity is adjusted using the integrated potentiometer.


Test 4
Package width 7 cm
Package height 0.4 cm
Package depth 8 cm
Package weight 0.006 kg



Question: I want to build a circuit that responds to only one pole of the magnet. From what I understand, the AH49E sensor itself can detect which pole we are approaching the magnet with (for S it is the range of 0.5-1.0 supply voltage, and for N it is 0.0-0.5). However, I am not sure how the DOUT pin works. When we apply the S pole, do we get 5 V, and when there is no magnet or we apply the N pole we get 0 V?
Answer: In the absence of field detection, the sensor on the DOUT pin indicates 5 V, and when detected, about 0 V (~0.13 V).


Question: Can this sensor be used with Raspberry pi 4? I read that this model is dedicated to Arduino.
Answer: The module uses an analog signal for communication; unfortunately, the Raspberry Pi does not have a digital-to-analog converter.

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Hall sensor AH49E - Waveshare 9522


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