StarterKit Advanced with Arduino Uno R4 WiFi ABX00087 module + Box

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An extended starter kit containing all the necessary elements to start working with the Arduino board. The set includes the most popular modules used in projects using Arduino boards, including: LEDs, resistors, sensors, integrated circuits and an LCD display with soldered connectors, a motor with a controller and the original, latest Arduino Uno R4 board with built-in WiFi system . The set is placed in a practical case that facilitates both storage and transport.

StarterKit Advanced with Arduino Uno R4 WiFi ABX00087 module + Box
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Product description: StarterKit extended - with Arduino Uno R4 WiFi + Box module

An extensive starter kit equipped with an Arduino Uno R4 WiFi base board with a set of the most popular components introducing the world of programmable electronic systems. The simple C-based programming language and friendly Arduino IDE environment allow even novice users to create software. Actuating elements, including an LCD display with soldered connectors and a DC motor with a controller , will help you become familiar with the issues of operating the devices most commonly used in electronics and robotics.

Set contents

StarterKit extended - with Arduino Uno R4 WiFi + Box module.

By purchasing StarterKit from Botland, you are ordering at one time a set of elements enabling the creation of simple electronic systems based on Arduino modules, which will allow you to gain valuable knowledge and experience in more complex projects in the future.

Arduino starterkit with Arduino Uno R4 WiFi

This version is shipped with an organizer that makes storing and carrying the set easier.

Contents of the StarterKit

The extended starter kit is equipped with a large breadboard to which you can connect all systems, sensors, diodes and wires without the need for soldering, enabling easy creation of electronic circuits. Buttons with LEDs and a clear 16x2 LCD display allow you to create a simple user interface. The set also includes sensors thanks to which the user can collect data from the environment and integrated circuits, including a two-channel motor controller enabling the control of actuators.

Elements included in the set

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1 Arduino Uno R4 WiFi Arduino Uno R4 WiFi - the original, latest module with the Renesas RA4M1 microcontroller and the WiFi system.
2 Contact board 830 fields - a large board with separate power lines enabling the creation of electronic circuits.
3 Set of 5 mm LEDs (30 pcs) - 10 red pcs each, green and yellow elements.
4 RGB diode common anode - LED with four pins that can glow in all colors.
5 Set of resistors (200 pcs) - 20 pcs of the most popular values, enabling e.g. connection of LEDs.
6 NPN BC547 transistors (5 pcs.) - semiconductor systems allowing, among others, control components that draw more current than a single microcontroller pin can supply.
7 LM35 analog temperature sensor - a popular, easy-to-use thermometer, connected to Arduino analog inputs.
8 Photoresistor - a sensor that allows you to measure the intensity of incident light, allowing you to detect, for example, whether it is dark or light in the room.
9 Tact-switch buttons - will serve as an element for entering data into the Arduino module.
10 Potentiometer 10k or 20k (5 pcs.) - similarly to buttons, connected to the analog pins, they can be used as an element of the user interface - simple knobs.
11 Shift register - allows, for example, controlling more diodes while saving Arduino digital pins.
12 PCF8574 expander - allows you to increase the number of Arduino pins.
13 Buzzer with generator - a simple sound signal generator powered by 5 V.
14 Connecting cables 65 pcs. male-male - allow you to create connections on the breadboard and between the board and Arduino.
15 USB AB cable , 1 m long - used to connect Arduino with a computer.
16 DHT11 - a sensor enabling measurement of air temperature and humidity.
17 Wyświetlacz LCD dla Arduino ze złączami 16x2 LCD display with soldered goldpin connectors - with blue backlight - popular alphanumeric display with an available library for Arduino with soldered goldpin connectors .
18 L293D motor controller - H-bridge enabling control of the direction and rotational speed of two DC motors.
19 Czujnik ruchu PIR PIR sensor - enables motion detection.
20 Czujnik odległości HC-SR04 HC-DR04 distance sensor - an ultrasonic sensor that can detect objects at a distance from 2 cm to 200 cm.
21 DC motor - a small, simple DC motor powered by a voltage of 3 V to 5 V.
22 An organizer that makes it easier to carry the set.

StarterKit - module Arduino Uno R4 WiFi
StarterKit - subject Arduino
Package width 15 cm
Package height 10 cm
Package depth 25 cm
Package weight 0.523 kg

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