Tuya - WiFi smart RGB LED strip - 5m - Gosund SL2

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The long strip of RGB LED light from Gosund allows you to decorate rooms with lighting, creating a unique visual atmosphere. It is an excellent choice for use as ceiling lighting or to highlight a selected element of the room. You can easily adjust the color and intensity of light using the Tuya Smart mobile application, and the device itself uses the WiFi network to communicate with your smartphone. What's more, the strip can synchronize with the music, changing the light to the rhythm of the sounds, and its impressive length is up to 5 m .
Tuya - WiFi smart RGB LED strip - 5m - Gosund SL2
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Manufacturer: Gosund

Product description: Tuya - smart RGB WiFi LED strip - 5 m - Gosund SL2

The Gosund SL2 RGB LED light strip is an intelligent solution that gives you complete freedom in interior design. This modern LED strip works great as ceiling lighting or to highlight selected elements in the room. Thanks to the WiFi connection, the user has easy access to adjust the color and brightness of the light using the dedicated Tuya Smart mobile application. Moreover, the LED strip can respond to the rhythm of music using the built-in microphone, which creates a fascinating lighting effect. The strip has an impressive length of 5 m , which provides great decorative possibilities for the user.

You can download the free Tuya Smart app on both Android and iOS devices.

A white rolled LED strip lies on a white background.

Tuya - smart RGB WiFi LED strip - 5 m - Gosund SL2.

You can create amazing visual experiences with the LED strip.

Main features of Gosund SL2 RGB WiFi LED strip

  • Communication via WiFi
  • Remote control of color and light intensity
  • Easy-to-use application for mobile devices
  • Possibility to change the light to the rhythm of the music
  • Possibility to connect to a voice assistant - Amazon Alex or Google Assistant
  • Possibility to create a work schedule

Compatibility with voice assistants

The standout feature of the Gosund SL2 strap is the ability to control it using intelligent voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant . Thanks to simple voice commands, you can easily control the RGB LED strip from anywhere in your home, which provides the user with incredible convenience.

Remote lighting control

It is worth noting that the Gosund SL2 LED strip is compatible with the Tuya Smart application, which means you can remotely control the lighting. The convenience of this solution means that after a hard day at work, the user can prepare the house for his return by turning on the lights on the way home using a smartphone. This approach helps you relax from the first minute after entering the apartment.

Lighting control is compatible with intelligent voice assistants.

Gosund SL2 adapts to the rhythm of music and sounds using the built-in microphone.

Lighting adapted to flexible surfaces

The intelligent LED strip from Gosund is absolutely flexible , which means it can be freely modeled and bent , making it possible to adapt it to any surface that the user wants to illuminate. This gives you complete freedom in shaping the lighting, which can be used to create unique and interesting patterns on walls or all types of furniture.

Lighting changes with sound

The light strip has a built-in microphone that can be used to create dynamic lighting effects in rooms. The intelligent LED strip is able to respond to sound and adjust the lighting to the rhythm of music or other sounds in the environment. With this product, you can enjoy dynamic changes in colors and light intensity that will perfectly match the atmosphere of the music or sounds surrounding you, creating a unique visual experience.

Technical specifications of the Gosund SL2 RGB WiFi LED strip

  • Producer: Gosund
  • Model: SL2
  • Light color: RGB
  • Number of LEDs: 60
  • Communication: wireless, WiFi 2.4 GHz
  • Supply voltage: 5V
  • Supply current: 1 A
  • Application: Tuya Smart
  • Cooperation with systems: Amazon Alexa, Google Home
  • Length: 5 m
  • Width: 11 mm

Contents of the Gosund SL2 Smart RGB WiFi LED Strip Kit.

Cable length 5.0 m
Voltage nominal 12 V
Nominal power 4.5 W
LED - color RGB
LED - LEDs 60
LED wavelength RGB
Smart Home LED tape
Package width 12.5 cm
Package height 16.5 cm
Package depth 4.5 cm
Package weight 0.222 kg

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