L293D - two-channel 36V / 0,6A motor driver - 5pcs

Index: UCC-00176 EAN: 5904422350253

Two-channel motor controller. Supply voltage up to 36 V. Average current per channel 600 mA (momentary up to 1.2 A). Housing: DIP 16 (through-hole). Set contains 5 pcs of chips.

L293D - two-channel 36V / 0,6A motor driver - 5pcs
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Product description: L293D - two channel motor driver 36 V / 0.6 A - 5 pcs.

Dual channel motor driver. Supply voltage up to 36 V. Average current per channel 600 mA (momentary up to 1,2 A). Housing: DIP 16 (through-hole). Set includes 5 pieces of chips.

L293D - DC motor driver

We offer high quality DC motor drivers. These are two-channel ICs, designed for use with voltages up to 36 V and current not exceeding 0.6 A per channel (temporary current can reach a maximum of 1.2 A per channel). The circuit is enclosed in a standard DIP type enclosure. For learners, a cradle (sold separately) may be particularly useful, thanks to which it is easy to connect and disconnect the element without soldering it.

Components sold in a pack of 5 pieces.

L293D - dwukanałowy sterownik silników 36V/0,6A - 5szt.

L293D - two channel motor driver 36 V / 0.6 A - 5 pcs.

Video describing the operation of the H-bridge - DC motor driver.

H-bridge of the highest quality

The element is made by an excellent company with a global reach - SGS Thomson Microelectronics (of French-Italian origin). In one package you will receive 5 pieces of these devices. This kind of driver among electronics engineers is called "H-bridge" and it is mostly used to control mobile robots. It is a layout that is well known to those in the robotics and electronics industry, as it has been on the market for many years and has worked well in many projects. As a result, you can easily find many teaching materials and learning aids using it. It is perfect for controlling a simple mobile robot (two channels to separately control the speed of two wheels) or any other device based on electric motors. It is worth noting that the device has built-in protection diodes, thanks to which, even in the case of incorrect connection of individual pins, a dangerous short circuit will not occur. They allow the electric current to flow only in the designated direction.

Two-channel H-bridge 2x 0.6 A / 36 V

The L293D chip is one of the most popular H-bridges used in both DIY and commercial motor controllers. It offers a current capacity of 0.6 A / channel and can operate with power supplies up to 36 V.

The circuit is controlled via four directional inputs (INPUT 1..4) and two enable inputs (ENABLE 1 and 2). The frequency of control signals (when using PWM modulation) should not exceed 5 kHz.

Product specification: L293D - two-channel 36 V / 0.6 A motor controller

  • Number of channels: 2

  • Maximum motor supply voltage: 36 V
  • Channel average current: 0.6 A
  • Peak current per channel: 1.2 A
  • Housing: DIP 16 (through-hole)
  • Built-in protection diodes

Details in the documentation. Our offer also includes sockets for easy assembly of circuits in through-hole housing.

Example wiring diagram of the bridge.


  • OUTPUT1, OUPUT2 - First channel outputs
  • OUTPUT3, OUPUT4 - Channel two outputs
  • ENABLE 1 - PWM of the first channel
  • ENABLE 2 - PWM of the second channel
  • INPUT1, INPUT2 - Channel one direction
  • INPUT3, INPUT4 - direction of the second channel
  • LOGIC SUPPLY VOLTAGE Vss - supply of the logic part
  • SUPPLY VOLTAGE Vs - supply the motors

Refer to the documentation

Before using the element, use the enclosed technical documentation. Inside you will find a detailed description of the device, the exact dimensions, all pins signed and the current characteristics and limitations it has. Only with such information, you will be able to properly include the device in the project and fully use its capabilities.

L293D - an indispensable element in the laboratory of every amateur roboticist

The H-bridge is a classical circuit topology used in bipolar control of loads (e.g. motors, electromagnets, etc.) in systems supplied with asymmetrical voltage. It allows to change polarity of the voltage on the controlled element by simultaneous switching of the appropriate of the two pairs of output transistors, located on the "diagonal" of the bridge. More details can be found in theL293D datasheet.

L293D - 2-channel motor driver 36V/0.6A - 5pcs is an excellent proposition for amateur robotics, modellers and electronics engineers working on construction of precision mechanisms driven by low-power DC and stepper motors.

Voltage to 4.5 V
Voltage from 36 V
Current 0.6 A
Channels 2
Test 3

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