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Soldering station WEP 995D hotair and tip-based soldering iron - 700W

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WEP 995D soldering station with hot air iron and tip-based soldering iron with a capacity of 75 W. The device is equipped with a PID microcontroller unit,  LCD display, adjustable temperature and the iron with more heating power (75 W). The air flow is realized through the fan in the iron.

Soldering station WEP 995D hotair and tip-based soldering iron - 700W
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WEP 995D station with  hot air ironand tip-based soldering iron. The device has a microcontroller PID, which checks the performance and adjusts it to the preset values. The station has an LCD display, adjustable temperature andthe tip-based iron with moreheating power (75 W).The air flow is realized through a fan located in the iron.

Stacja lutownicza hotair i grotowa WEP 995D z wentylatorem w kolbie - 700W

Complete soldering station with accessories.



  • Voltage: 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz (network)
  • Power: 700 W
  • The station is controlled through a microcontroller that provides high stability
  • The device has a PID controller
  • Compact design with clear LCD display


Hotair Soldering Iron

  • Adjustable temperature hot air from 100 °C to 480 °C
  • Temperature stability +/-1 °C
  • LCD display showing actual power supply
  • Temperature setting buttons
  • Smooth adjustmentof temperature in the range
  • Air flow up to 120 l/min
  • The head size of the hot air 22 mm
  • Protection before reaching the high temperature and report alarms.
  • Length of the iron's cable: up to 100 cm
  • The air flow is provided through a fan located in the iron


Soldering Iron Tip-based

  • Iron 907I
  • Adjustable temperature soldering tip: 200 °C to 480 °C
  • Temperature stability: +/- 1 °C
  • Soldering iron power: 75 W
  • The resistance to ground of up to 2 Ohms
  • Potential with respect to earth ground 2 mV
  • System: ESD safe
  • Sleep mode: enabled after 0-99 idle work moments.



Ceramic heating element Hakko

Hotair soldering iron has a ceramic heating element that quickly and evenly heats up. The heater consists of hard alloys, which allows for a long operation time at high temperatures without deformation, which increases the stability and prolongs the service life of the heater.


Auto mode

Choosingautomaticmode, when you put down the hot air iron on the stand, the unit automatically stops heating and cools down to a safe temperature. This saves electricity and prolongs the service life of the device.


Easy to read LCD display

Temperature, power, airflow, and operating mode are displayed on a large, easily readable LCD display. The station is equipped with control functions - we get the message about the short circuit, overloading of circuits, lack of a predetermined temperature. All of these errors appear on the display.



  • WEP station 995D
  • Stand for hotair iron
  • Set of nozzles:
    • round with a diameter of 4.4 mm
    • round with a diameter of 8 mm
    • round with a diameter of 9 mm
    • square 12x12 mm
  • Stand for tip-based iron along with a cleaning sponge
  • Soldering iron 907I with T-I tip
  • Cloth
  • Rosin
  • A gripper for lifting circuit


First run

  • You should not run the device immediately after delivery.
  • Equipment must remain for about 12 hours at room temperature before switching on.
  • All complaints caused by running of the equipment too soon will be denied.
  • You must completely remove the screw/screws from the bottom station if the source of air supply is the compressor. These screws are marked in red (1 or 3 screws depending on model).



Heating elements (heaters) and the tips are not subject to warranty, and you must purchase new ones.

Our range of accessories for soldering:
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Voltage to 220 V AC
Voltage from 240 V AC
Voltage nominal 230 V AC
Nominal power 700 W
Temperature 200 - 480 °C
Solder - Fan yes
Solder - real temperature reading yes
Solder - Hotair yes
Solder - Type A/C digital
Package width 28.8 cm
Package height 16.8 cm
Package depth 20 cm
Package weight 2.95 kg

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Soldering station WEP 995D hotair and tip-based soldering iron - 700W


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