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Flsun 3D printers

Flsun is a company that produces 3D printers. It provides devices at the most competitive prices. Flsun 3D printers are characterized by a great ratio of low price to high quality. A characteristic element of the manufacturer's product offer are printers with Delta kinematics.
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3D printer - Flsun SR

SR is one of the flagship models of the Flsun brand, which produces 3D printers. Thanks to the use of Delta motion kinematics, it allows you to make prints at a speed of up to...
Index: FLN-21277
Index: FLN-21277
Waiting for delivery
Delivery scheduled for 2022-12-12
Regular price €533.60 Price €533.60

3D printer - Flsun Q5

A delta type 3D printer, the main distinguishing feature of which is the way the print head moves. The device has a working area of 200 x 200 mm with an auto-leveling...
Index: FLN-21276
Index: FLN-21276
Waiting for delivery
Delivery scheduled for 2023-01-10
Regular price €274.51 Price €274.51