TReX Dual Motor Controller DMC01 16V/13A - Pololu 777

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TRex is a two-channel motor controller with very high capabilities. It has a current capacity of up to 13 A for each motor. It can work as an electronic speed controller (ESC), has the ability to communicate via digital signals, analog and RC transmission.

TReX Dual Motor Controller DMC01 16V/13A - Pololu 777
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Manufacturer: Pololu
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Product description: TReX DMC01 - 16 V / 13 A dual channel motor controller

TReX DMC01 is a versatile two-channel motor controller. It is designed for small and medium robots. It can control two bidirectional motors and one unidirectional motor through three independent interfaces: RC radio control, analog voltage or asynchronous serial communication.

Safety options

  • Safe-start prevents accidental motor starting on start-up
  • Optional automatic motor shutdown in case of communication error, response time expiration or signal disturbance

TReX controller does not require a serial interface. By default it works as ESC. If a communication other than serial is used, all functions of the module cannot be accessed.

TReX DMC01 - dwukanałowy sterownik silników 16V/13A


Uses five input channels to receive radio or analog signals. In this mode, the channels have the following functions:

  • Channel 1: speed and direction of the first motor, and in mix mode, left/right rotation
  • Channel 2: speed and direction of the second motor and in mix mode - forward / reverse
  • Channel 3: auxiliary (unidirectional) motor speed
  • Channel 4: used to enable reverse mode, which allows you to control robots with reverse control
  • Channel 5: determines whether the motors are controlled by the input channels or by the serial interface. Allows switching between autonomous and human control

The serial interface can be instantly switched from one of the other interfaces, allowing a combination of autonomous and remote control. For example, a robot can operate autonomously, but manual control can be activated when the robot gets stuck or in another dangerous situation. If the serial interface is selected as the primary interface, all five input channels are available to the robot controller, allowing unlimited combination of operator and sensor control. For example, the TReX is an ideal controller for a balancing robot.

Remote / analog control

  • The BEC jumper allows you to power an RC receiver or analog controller
  • Mixed mode jumper allows you to control a differential system
  • Automatic controller calibration (TReX learns its own ranges for each channel)

Options available via serial control

  • Input values available for all 5 channels
  • The sweep input values show what the TReX would do if it were in control
  • Optional 7-bit cyclic redundancy to ensure correct commands
  • Calibration values can be clearly read and set
  • Each channel can be inverted and parabolically scaled
  • Maximum speed, acceleration and current limit settings
  • Possibility to set brakes for bidirectional motors
  • Software update


  • Supply voltage: 6 V to 16 V
  • Main motor outputs: 2 bidirectional, 13 A continuous current (30 A momentary)
  • Secondary output: 1 unidirectional, 15 A continuous current
  • Speed control: 128 steps in each direction
  • Interfaces: (main interface set by jumper)
    • RC servo pulses (radio-controlled)
    • Analogue voltage
    • Serial commands
  • Radio pulse measurements:
    • Resolution: 12-bit
    • Accuracy: 1 us
  • Analog measurements: 10-bit resolution
  • Serial interface: RS-232 and TTL (logic levels), dual channel
  • Transmission rates: 1200 to 115 200 b/s
  • Extended protocol: allows multiple servos and controllers to be connected to a single serial line
  • Compact protocol: allows the setting of two motors simultaneously using three bytes

Voltage to 6.0 V
Voltage from 16.0 V
Channels 2
Package width 0 cm
Package weight 0.078 kg

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