Cytron Maker Uno - compatible with Arduino

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The Cytron module, compatible with Arduino Uno R3. It has 14 digital input/outputs, 6 PWM channels, 6 analog inputs, as well as popular communication interfaces. In addition, it has LED for each lead, programmable button and built-in buzzer.

Cytron Maker Uno - compatible with Arduino
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Cytron UNO Maker is compatible with popular Arduino Uno R3 module. This means that it can be programmed throughthe Arduino IDEusing available libraries. The so-calledArduino Shields will also collaborate with the Cytron module.


The board contains an ATmega328 microcontroller, is equipped with 14 digital I/o 6 of which can be used as PWM outputs (e.g. for motor control), and 6 as analog inputs. The system works with a clock signal with a frequency of 16MHz. The module also has a microUSB connector, RESET button and leads that are to connect the AVR programmer.

Maker UNO


Maker UNO has several differences in comparison to the Arduino UNO:

  • 12 LEDsthat are assigned to leads from 2 to 13
  • 1 programmable button
  • Built-in buzzer
  • No DC connector
  • MicroUSB connector: instead of USB-B
  • UART converter: CH340G


In order to start Maker Uno, you must connect the system to computer usingUSB cable, install driver and select in the Arduino IDE, the Arduino Uno board. Detailed user manual is onthe manufacturer's website.



The module can be powered viathe microUSB cable. The device does not have built-in DC connector.



Creating and installing software is allowed by the free environment of the Arduino IDE. Implemented bootloader allows you to send the program directly viaUSB cable. ISCP connector enables connection of an externalAVR programmer. A detailed description can be found in thedocumentationandtutorial.


Maker UNO


  • Supply voltage: 5 V
  • Programmed via USB using CH340
  • Compatible withArduino Uno Rev3
  • Microcontroller: ATmega328
  • Maximum clock frequency: 16 MHz
  • SRAM: 2 KB
  • Flash memory: 32 KB (5kB reserved for bootloader)
  • EEPROM: 1 KB
  • I/O Ports: 14
  • PWM outputs: 6
  • Number of analog inputs: 6 (channels of A/C converter)
  • Serial interfaces: UART, SPI, I2C
  • External interrupts
  • Connector: microUSB slot (microUSB cable sold separately)
  • Soldered ISP connector
  • Power connector: DC 5.5 x 2.1 mm
  • Board sizes: 75 x 54 x 15 mm


Voltage to 5.0 V
Voltage from 5.0 V
Voltage nominal 5 V
Voltage output from 5.0 V
Output voltage to 5.0 V
Nominal output voltage 5.0 V
UC - Microcontroller ATmega328
UC - Core 8-bit AVR
UC - Flash 32 kB
UC - RAM 2 kB
UC - core 1. Single Core
UC - Digital pins 14
UC - analog in 6
UC - freq 16 MHz
UC - A/C 10-bit
Package width 8 cm
Package height 1 cm
Package depth 7 cm
Package weight 0.028 kg

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Cytron Maker Uno - compatible with Arduino


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Oliver 18.09.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Perfect content, fast delivery!
Marek 05.03.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Marcin 27.02.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
I've never had any problems with this module, and it's definitely cheaper than the original, offering extras - Led on each pin, a button on 2 and a buzzer on 8. Well, unless someone needs an atmega in the socket. I recommend.
Witold 22.02.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Great quality looks and works. I recommend!!!!!!!!!!
Jarosław A. 08.06.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
I use this set together with the StarterKit extended to learn Arduino programming.
Sergiusz K. 25.05.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Ok 5/5 !
Tomasz D. 24.05.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
For me, a good product at a great price, for beginners like me, perfect.
Mariusz K. 16.05.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Everything's fine
Bogusław K. 16.04.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
It looks good, I haven't checked the rest.
Michał J. 28.12.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Arduino Uno in an interesting version - my vehicle is powered by the motor driver, so I do not miss a 12V-> 5V stabilizer, although for some it may be a problem. A nice thing are the soldered LEDs showing the status of the ports and the buzzer (you can turn it off).
Michał G. 17.10.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
I ordered this product as part of a larger "design", but thanks to components such as a loudspeaker or LEDs, it also works on its own.
Jacek J. 07.10.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Consistent with the description, cheap. Requires USB drivers from the manufacturer's website ... probably from Malaysia
Andrzej W. 05.09.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Cheap and good. It has built-in leds on pins 2-13, good for checking the program without constantly connecting the leds on the breadboard.
Bartosz Z. 26.04.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
I recommend. Great tile.
Dawid 24.07.2023 Confirmed purchase
ADAM 27.04.2023 Confirmed purchase
Jacek 02.04.2023 Confirmed purchase
Jan 21.03.2023 Confirmed purchase
Petr 12.03.2023 Confirmed purchase

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