Tamiya 70168 double gearbox - set

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DIY kit consisting of two Tamiya DC motors with gears. The system is equipped with a hexagonal shaft with a diameter of 3mm. User can select gear ratios: 12.7:1, 38:1, 115:1 or 344:1.

Tamiya 70168 double gearbox - set
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Description: Tamiya 70168 - Double Gearbox

Self-assembly kit consisting of two DC motors with gears by Tamiya. The system is equipped with a hexagonal shaft with a diameter of 3mm. User can select gear ratios: 12.7:1, 38:1, 115:1 or 344:1.

Tamiya Pinion Gear

Universal pinion gear, equipped with two independent sections driven by separate DC motors. Gearbox output shafts have a 3mm hexagonal cross section and are compatible with other Tamiya products.

The Tamiya 70168 - Double Gearbox offers the user the ability to independently configure gear ratios in the range: 12.7:1, 38:1, 115:1 or 344:1. The supply voltage of the motors is 3 V and the current consumption varies from 150 mA (no load) to 2100 mA. The idle speed is 12300 rpm.

Tamiya 70168 - przekładnia podwójna

Tamiya 70168 double gearbox.

Przełożenie na przekładni podwójnej Tamiya

Instructions showing how to select the gear ratio. A paper copy is included in the kit.

Gear Selector 70168

The gearbox allows the user to select the gear ratio depending on the needs of the project. The user can choose from four configurations:





1000 rpm

0.4 kg*cm
(0.04 Nm)


320 rpm 1.3 kg*cm
(0.12 Nm)
115:1 100 rpm 4.0 kg*cm
(0.39 Nm)
344:1 30 rpm 12 kg*cm
(1.17 Nm)

The specified values are calculated at idling speed without taking the transmission losses into account.

Accessories for gearboxes 70168

We also offer accessories to build a complete robot moving on tracks or traditional wheels.

Assembly of double gearbox

The gearbox can be combined with other Tamiya products such as the track and sport wheels.

Tamiya Gearbox Controls

To control motors you can use our DRV8833 or DRV8835 series modules. These systems allow you to power the motors from 2.7V, so that the gearbox will maintain full life. The user can also use TB6612 controller, limiting the motor voltage using PWM signal. The controllers can be controlled using runtime kits (such as Arduino, STM32Discovery or Rasbperry Pi minicomputer).

If you use your own PCB board, please refer to the offer of drivers in the form of integrated circuits in surface mount and through-hole solder housings.

Czołg zbudowany z elementów Tamiya

The tank was built using Tamiya components.

Tamiya 70168 - przekładnia podwójna

Tamiya 70168 - double gearbox.

Product specification: Tamiya 70168 double gearbox - set

  • Nominal supply voltage: 3 V
  • Possible gear ratios: 12.7:1, 38:1, 115:1 i 344:1
  • No-load speed with 3 V: 12300 rpm
  • No-load current consumption for 3 V: 150 mA
  • Maximum current for 3V: 2100 mA
  • Torque (without gearbox: 0.036 kg*cm)
  • Hexagonal shaft diameter: 3 mm
  • Set of elements for self-assembly
  • Weight of kit: approx. 120 g

Other Tamiya Products

Apart from the presented gearbox, Botland also offers other accessories for RC modellers and robotics enthusiasts. One of the most interesting extensions compatible with the gearbox 70168 is a set of track wheels (Tamiya 70100) which - combined with the universal mounting plate Tamiya 70098 - allows the construction of a tank-like chassis.

In our offer you will also find another gear model of similar design but with a different gear range. The Tamiya 70097 double drive allows you to set gear ratios from 58:1 to 203:1 and also works with the mentioned tracked chassis.

Voltage to 3.0 V
Voltage from 3.0 V
Motor - current 150 mA
Rotation speed 12300 obr/min
Torque 0,036 kg*cm
Mass 120 g
Motor - shaft 3 mm
Package width 10.5 cm
Package height 3 cm
Package depth 16 cm
Package weight 0.2 kg

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Well made gear.
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