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Odyssey cases

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Side panels for Odyssey X86J4105 to re_case - Seeedstudio 110991413

Side panels for Odyssey X86J4105 minicomputer, designed to be mounted in a re_computer housing. They are made of 1 mm thick acrylic , black colour.
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Index: SEE-17676
Index: SEE-17676
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Re_computer case for minicomputers - Seeedstudio 114992152

Metal re_computer enclosure designed by Seeedstudio for most of the most popular mini-computers such as: Raspberry Pi, Odyssey X86J4105, Nvidia Jetson Nano and BeagleBone....
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Index: SEE-17519
Index: SEE-17519
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Vesa mounting bracket - for re_computer - Seeedstudio 110991464 housing

Vesa  mounting bracket from Seeedstudio is a complementary element for re_computer case. Vesa allows it to be placed on the back of the monitor, thus increasing user's...
Index: SEE-18789
Index: SEE-18789
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re_computer – a universal case that can do more

re_computer is a well-thought-out housing, designed for single-board minicomputers. However, unlike most products of this type, re_case has not been developed specifically for a single line of SBC modules. Thanks to a set of specially arranged holes in the mounting plate, the case facilitates the installation of both Seeedstudio minicomputers from the Odyssey series and main modules from other manufacturers (Raspberry Pi, Odyssey X86J4105, Nvidia Jetson Nano, and even BeagleBone). The designers noticed that while the sizes of most small SBCs are quite similar, the factor that significantly differs them is the number and arrangement of peripheral connectors. For this reason, the basic part of the housing (the lower part with the mounting plate and the upper cover) cooperate with replaceable front panels, enabling adjustment of the hole pattern and their descriptions to the needs of the selected type of minicomputer.

Adapting the re_computer case to individual needs

Removable panels, however, are definitely not all that the re_computer case offers. Its strength is also a well-thought-out expansion system that allows you to increase the total height by a few centimeters, necessary, for example, to mount additional functional overlays or an SSD drive. This solution provides incredible flexibility, unparalleled in the vast majority of other models of housing designed for minicomputers. The whole is complemented by a large acrylic window in the lid, allowing observation of the inside of the computer, as well as a magnetic mounting system, providing immediate access to the "guts" of the set whenever needed.