Cytron MDD10A - dual-channel 30V / 10A motor controller

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Two-channel DC motor controller. Continuous current per channel is 10 A (momentary 30 A). Supply voltage is 5 V to 30 V. The controller works with logical voltage 3.3 V and 5 V (PWM and DIR) so it can be controlled by any microcontroller such as Arduino or Raspberry.

Cytron MDD10A - dual-channel 30V / 10A motor controller
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Manufacturer: Cytron
Compatibility: Arduino

Product description: Cytron MDD10A - dual channel motor controller DC 30V/10A

Two-channelDC motorcontroller. Continuous current per channel is10 A (momentary 30 A). Supply voltage is5 V to 30 V. The controller works with logical voltage3.3 V and 5 V (PWM and DIR)so it can be controlled by any microcontroller such as Arduinoor Raspberry.Forproperoperation, the module does not require an additional Arduino type controller, the controllercanbecontrolled by buttons on the board.

Arduino compatible product

For a sample code and detailed information, see theuserguide.

Outputs Cytron MDD10A - two-channel DC 30V/10A motor controller

The controller is equipped with a 5-pin 2.54 mm input from which it receives information from the microcontroller about the direction and speed of rotation of the motors and 6 screw connectors to which the motors and power supply are connected. The Cytron MDD10A canbe controlledvia PWM and DIR inputs. Logic voltage is 3.3 Vand 5 V and iscompatible with most controllers such as Arduino, RaspberryPi, PLC.

Cytron MDD10A - dwukanałowy sterownik silników

ARK connectorDescription5-pin connectorDescription

M1 Output B

First engine connector, output B.


The direction of rotation of the M1 engine.

M1 Output A

First engine connector, output A.


Engine speed M1.


Positive electrode - module power supply.


The direction of rotation of the M1 engine.


Negative electrode - module power supply.


Engine speed M1.

M2 Output A

Second engine connector, output A.


The weight of the system.

M2 Output B

Second engine connector, output B.

The truth table shows how to feed the signal to the pins to control the motor.

PWMDIROutput AOutput BEngine


X(any state) Low Low Stoi


Low High Low Movement forward


High Low High Moving backwards


The module is not protected against reverse polarity, the power supply connection must be checked carefully.

Specification Cytron MDD10A - dual channel DC 30V/10A motor controller

  • Supply voltage: 5 V to 30 V
  • The voltage of the logical part: 3.3 V or 5 V
  • Current per channel: 10 A (momentary 30 A)
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Full NMOS H bridge for better performance without heat sinks
  • PWM speed control frequency up to 20 kHz
  • 2 buttons for quick system testing
  • Dimensions: 84.5 x 62 mm
  • Weight: 33,5 g

Voltage to 5.0 V
Voltage from 30.0 V
Current 3.5 V
Channels 2
Package width 11.5 cm
Package height 2 cm
Package depth 7.5 cm
Package weight 0.049 kg

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Cytron MDD10A - dual-channel 30V / 10A motor controller


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Delivery time was ok and the driver works
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Great again.
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Something warms up a bit when idle, but git works so far (testing month 5h / day)
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good value for money, works flawlessly and has signaling leds
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