HP Motor with 10:1 Gear - doublesided shaft - - Pololu 2211

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A miniature high-power motor by Pololu with a 10: 1 gearbox, has 3000 rpm, the torque is 0.3 kg * cm (0.029 Nm). It has an extended shaft that allows the installation of speed sensors.

HP Motor with 10:1 Gear - doublesided shaft - - Pololu 2211
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Manufacturer: Pololu

Product description: Pololu HP 10 motor: 1 double-sided shaft

Small, light and powerful Pololu engines are used by robot constructors as drive units. The devices can be supplied with voltages of up to 9 V, and useful power over 3 V. The optimal voltage with the best power-to-strength ratio is 6 V. This version has an extended shaft 4.5 mm long, which allows the installation of speed sensors -encoders.

Pololu HP 10: 1 motor dimensions with double-sided shaft

The motor body is a cuboid with dimensions of 24 x 10 x 12 mm. The gearbox is 9.27 mm long. There is a 3mm D-shaped shaft at the exit. The total weight is approximately 10g.

Silnik Pololu HP 10:1 obustronny wał

The figure shows the dimensions of the Pololu micro motor with gear. 

Accessories for Pololu HP 10: 1 motor with double-sided shaft

We offer a number of accessories that work with Pololu micro motors:

Silnik Pololu HP 10:1 

Silnik Pololu HP 10:1 

Silnik Pololu Hp 10:1 - mocowanie silnika

Video from the final run of thewinningconstruction called Impact at the T-BOT 2013 robot tournament. The robot we made has Pololu HP micro motors with10: 1gear.

Oferta silników Pololu

The store also offers many otherengines.

Specification of the Pololu HP 10: 1 motor with double-sided shaft

Supply voltage:

3 May - 9 May

No-load current (6V):

120 mA

Current with the shaft stopped (6 V):

1600 mA

No load speed (6V):

3000 rpm

Torque (6V):

0.3 kg * cm (0.029 Nm)

Gear ratio:

10: 1

Shaft Diameter:

3 mm

Body dimensions:

24 x 10 x 12 mm


10 g

Double-sided shaft:


Branded Pololu engine for mobile robots

Robotics lovers do not need to be introduced to the Pololu brand. The engines and other components it produces for amateur robotics work in many mobile robots or RC models, including competition ones.HP 10: 1 motor, double-sided shaft - Pololu 2211is a light (weighing only about 10 g) drive with great possibilities.

The motor body measures 24 x 10 x 12 mm, which facilitates its installation in the robot housing. The drive operates in the voltage range from 3 V to 9 V and consumes a current of 120 mA without load (when supplied with 6 V). The maximum current consumption at the same value of the supply is 1600 mA.

Engine parameters and noteworthy additional accessories

The motor shafthas a diameter of 3 mm and a length of 9.27 mm, 4.5 mm of which extends beyond the body. This makes it possible to mount encoder discs that enable speed measurement. The torque when powered with the voltage of 6V is 0.3 kg * cm, and the speed reaches 3000 rpm.

The construction of the robot on the basis of Pololu engines is facilitated by accessories, also available in the Botland store offer. Check the wheels and tracks that match the diameter of the motor shafts, as well as the wheels with encoders. The controllers in the form of integrated circuits and ready-made modules, including the Arduino series boards extremely liked by robotics, will help in controlling the drive.

Diameter 12 mm
Length 24 mm
Voltage to 3.0 V
Voltage from 9.0 V
Motor - current 120 mA
Motor - gear 10:1
Rotation speed 3000 obr/min
Torque 0,3 kg*cm
Mass 10 g
Motor - shaft 3 mm
Motor - 2x shaft yes
Voltage nominal 6.0 V
Package width 5.5 cm
Package height 1 cm
Package depth 7 cm
Package weight 0.01 kg

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