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BeagleBone power supply

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Power supply 5V/2,5A - DC plug 5,5/2,5mm

Stabilized mains power supply. Power supply: 110 - 240 V. Output voltage: 5 V DC. Output current: 2.5 A.
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Index: ZAS-01364
Index: ZAS-01364
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What kind of power supply will match BeagleBone microcomputers?

BeagleBone are microcomputers that can be powered by DC current in a variety of ways. The manufacturer recommends powering the board with a power source of at least 6 W: current 1.2 A with a supply voltage of 5 V. However, a source of at least 10 W is recommended, which ensures energy efficiency of 2 A.

The actual power consumption of the BeagleBone devices depends on many factors. The most important factor is the currently used computing power, which in turn depends on the activities we perform on the computer. Power consumption is also strongly influenced by the amount of data transmitted between the memory card and the processor, which also largely depends on the way the minicomputer is used.

However, in the most common configurations, the largest share in the total power consumption is the current consumed by devices connected to the USB ports and GPIO connectors of the board. However, it is worth remembering that when it comes to modules that work with BeagleBone via gold pin connectors, in addition to the supply current, then the output currents of individual GPIO lines should also be taken into account. Examples include connected LEDs and some I / O devices.

BeagleBone power supply – micro USB connector

Connecting the BeagleBone via a micro USB connector is by far the most popular solution. This option is used by many other well-known manufacturers of programmable electronics – Raspberry Pi or Arduino. If you decide to power your BeagleBone microcomputer via the microUSB port, you can count on trouble-free charging of the device. The USB method is very easy to use and does not require any special knowledge.

If you choose this option, we have good news for you! In the Botland store - in addition to a great USB power supply with two USB A sockets that will match your BeagleBone devices - you will also find powerful power banks with various capacities (from 5000 mAh to over 10,000 mAh). The BeagleBone board can be easily connected to this type of power bank. Thanks to this, you can use the microcomputer wherever you need it. By using a powerbank as a power supply for BeagleBone, you can enjoy the mini-computer for several hours without having to connect to the AC adapter - even with a significant load.

Power supply for BeagleBone boards

The BeagleBone minicomputer can be powered via the micro USB connector or by using a standard adapter with a round DC plug. The end of the power cable should have an outer diameter of 5.5 mm and an inner diameter of 2.1 mm. This type of power socket is one of the most popular solutions for DC power in the world, so it will certainly be trouble-free. What you need to remember, however, is the polarity of the plug. Not all adapters designed to charge this type of device have a BeagleBone connection. However, if you are shopping at the Botland store, you don't have to worry about anything. We have selected the right products to power BeagleBone mini computers, so you can be sure that the power accessories presented in this category will work with your devices. You can safely connect them to the BeagleBone right out of the box! If you have any questions, don't hesitate - feel free to contact us!