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Żarówki LED - Oświetlenie

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PIR motion detector MCE32 220-240V

The PIR sensor detects movement. It is used to automatically control lighting or other devices. The sensor works on infrared. It is activated by the movement of a heat emitting...
Index: MOD-05185
Index: MOD-05185
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A wide range of accessories for lighting

The store Botland can be found, in particular, motion sensors that emit invisible to the human eye infrared rays. The main task of this device is the inclusion of the circuit in case of detection of motion, and then disabling after a certain time. Our devices operate in the range up to 360 degrees at a distance of up to several tens of meters. We also offer sensors that are screwed into a standard E27 thread and support the lamps of different power. This solution not only eliminates the need each time to turn on and off lighting, but also significantly reduces power consumption. In addition, some models can be controlled using the remote control included in the kit. Sensors of this type can be used both day and night. What's more, we also offer models surface mounting and flush mounting. The latter is designed for installation in suspended ceiling. The proposal Botland, you will also find motion detectors, designed for installation that you can safely control the lighting with a very high power exceeding 1000 W Our sensors have a wide operating temperature range, so that they can be used in almost any environment without worrying about performance and efficiency.

Smart LED bulb

Wanting to diversify the lighting in our house or apartment, you can use a smart LED bulb that have the ability to connect to a local Wi-Fi network. This type of device can not only be controlled via the app, but also via voice commands. Very popular lamp, which provides illumination in all colors from a palette RGB. The set of parameters can be controlled from virtually anywhere in the world. In addition, applications are available on all the most popular operating systems, including iOS and Android. We offer models that work, particularly with Amazon and Google Alexa Home, due to which you get access to support services in different ways.

The rest of the accessories

In our store you will also find LED screens that are powered by 230V AC. Devices of this type provide very good performance light with simultaneous selection of a small amount of electricity. Moreover, due to the use of high quality LEDs, they have a long service life. We also offer solar-powered lights feature, in particular, to a motion sensor. Devices of this type are extremely useful for illuminating paths, gardens and houses. During the day the sun's rays complement the energy in the embedded rechargeable battery, which after the sun feeds energy-efficient LEDs. Are you looking for components for LED lighting? You want to make Your house or apartment was more smart? Check out our wide range of Botland store, where you will find everything you need for lighting control. We recommend that you contact. Our consultants will gladly answer all questions and dispel any doubts related to lighting and beyond.