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LED Christmas lights

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Electronic Christmas tree WSSA100 - set for self-assembly

A unique Christmas decoration designed not only for avid electronics. The set for self-assembly of the Christmas tree includes a prototype plate, 16 LEDs, and other...
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Index: VEL-18453
Index: VEL-18453
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When it gets dark quickly outside the window

You feel under your skin that this special time is approaching inexorably. The dog is getting out of sorts and the first Christmas decorations are appearing at your neighbors? This is the time to go shopping! LED Christmas tree lights are the perfect solution for you. Choosing our products, you can rest assured about the quality and you can be sure that purchased lights will serve for years. Using LED technology, you care about the environment, and in addition the investment made will quickly pay for itself in the form of lower electricity bills.

Modernity and diversity

When looking for lamps, you should determine their purpose. If you are looking for outdoor lighting, you should pay attention to the class in which they are made. The standard is IP 44 or higher, this guarantees that no dust or particles larger than 1 mm will penetrate the interior of the lamps. Moreover, IP 44 class is resistant to splashing water falling from different directions, which is not difficult to come by in winter. LED Christmas tree lights and indoor sets are usually characterized by protection class IP 20. This means that the dangerous parts of the device are inaccessible to the finger, and foreign solids with a diameter greater than 12.5 mm do not get inside. This class is sufficient for Christmas tree lights, which should be kept away from water sources and protected against flooding.

Mains power supply or battery?

Another consideration when choosing a kit is how to power it. Each solution works in different situations, so it is worth to consider in what conditions you will use the LED Christmas tree lights. Battery power supply will be useful when we plan to decorate the places distant from the sockets. It will allow to avoid stretching the cable, enabling full freedom of interior design. Mains-powered lights are an alternative. Thanks to LED technology the lights consume less energy compared to traditional lights.

Controls and colors

Sets of lights may be equipped with an additional controller thanks to which we can choose one of many programmed lighting modes. Continuous or alternating light, slow dimming or even "blinking" to the rhythm of music will surely attract attention from far away! The color of the set of lights is also important. Until recently, LED was associated only with cool white light from the corridors of offices. Currently, the market offers a wide range of LED Christmas tree lights. So there is no longer a problem when to our colorful Christmas tree did not fit the "cold Leds", we can even use the so-called LED Girland - in the shape of gifts - with the hologram effect. As you can see we are only limited by our imagination.