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Converter ADC MCP3208-CI/P 12-bit 8-channel SPI - DIP

12-bit, 8-channel converter analog-to-digital MCP3208-CI/P in a DIP case with communication interface SPI.
5.0 (1)
Index: UCC-06507
Index: UCC-06507
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Regular price €8.50 Price €8.50

Converter ADC MCP3008 - 10-bit 8-channel DIP

10-bit 8-channel converter analog-to-digital MCP3008-I/P in DIP case with SPI communication interface.
4.8 (6)
Index: UCC-02358
Index: UCC-02358
Shipping in 24 hours
Regular price €4.00 Price €4.00

Analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converters

Analogue-to-digital converters convert a voltage signal into a digital one. Sometimes the current signal is also converted, but this phenomenon occurs much less frequently. This type of signal is extremely discreet, so the voltage levels are quantized. This means that they only take values that are predefined. The signal is also discredited in time. This is due to the fact that it is not continuous, but occurs only in fixed time periods, so-called sample periods.

Digital-to-analogue converters, which are responsible for converting a digital signal into an analogue signal, i.e. in the opposite direction to analogue-to-digital converters, work a little differently. Such transducers are used in many devices and equipment we use every day and they are well known to us. We find them in music players, where they convert digital data streams into analogue audio signal. Moreover, D/A converters are used in mobile phones, where they are responsible for converting digital data into analogue video signals. The resulting signals connect to the controllers present on the screen, and thus a color image is displayed, previously in older models of the phone, in black and white.

Transducers and their basic parameters

Transducers are mostly manufactured as integrated circuits, however, the most advanced and specialized models are the exception. These are the special ones used in radar systems or laboratory equipment where above-average precision is required. ICs are present in all kinds of measurement systems, industrial automation systems, audio equipment and all other devices where they are needed. These are the converters that are available in our shop. They differ in terms of communication interfaces, which can be serial or parallel. Moreover, the differences are visible in the resolution, i.e. the bit length of a digital word, which describes a specific sample of an analogue signal. The longest digital words are the most precise. Another important parameter of integrated converters is frequency. It concerns how often it is possible to read an analog signal sample through the chip. The speed determines the capabilities of the converter to handle high frequency signals. The transducers must be adapted to the way and range of operation of a specific application in terms of the parameters indicated. This is of great importance for its efficiency and the possibility of using its full potential.

The Botland store offers integrated transducers with different frequencies and resolutions. The transmitters are equipped with different communication interfaces. They are very good for home and industrial automation, audio systems and measurement systems. They are characterized by a robust design and high resistance to damage and overload.