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Laser Rangefinder Yato YT-73126 - 40m

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Laser rangefinderYato's laser rangefinder allows you toQuickly and precisely determine the distancebetween the place where the device is set up and the measurement target and calculation of the square area and cubic capacity.

Laser Rangefinder Yato YT-73126 - 40m
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Manufacturer: Yato

Description: Laser distance meter Yato YT-73126 - 40 m

AYatolaser distance meterallows you toquickly andprecisely determine the distance betweenthe device's location and the measurement target and to calculate the square area and volume.The Pythagoras' claim that the rangefinder can also be used for measurements, and it also has a number of improvements that make our work faster and simpler.

  • Variable starting point of the measurement
  • Continuous measurement of the tilt angle
  • Possibility of changing measurement units

The device also allows you to store the last 20 measurements in memory. It is designed to take measurements indoors and outdoors.

Dalmierz Yato YT-73126

Specification of the rangefinder Yato YT-73126

  • Display: LCD
  • Volume calculation possible
  • Area calculation possible
  • Recording the last 20 measurements
  • Range: 0.2 m to 40 m
  • Trigonometric calculations can be performed
  • Perform addition and subtraction activities
  • Continuous measurement capability
  • 3 measurement reference points

Akcesoria w zestawie

The set includes

  • Laser distance meter Yato YT-73126
  • USB cable
  • Cover and leash
  • 3 AAA batteries

Sensor - distance to 4000 cm
Sensor - distance from 20 cm
Package width 14.5 cm
Package height 18.3 cm
Package depth 5.2 cm
Package weight 0.307 kg

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