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DIY digital amplifier kit by Noise Reducer. The amplifier is based on Tripath TA2022 chip, the power of the amplifier is about 2 x 100 W on 4 ohm impedance. The kit includes a PCB with soldered SMD components and a set of THT components for individual soldering.
RS-AMP kit - Reduktor Szumu
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Manufacturer: MSX Elektronika

Product description: RS-AMP kit - Noise Reducer

DIY digital amplifier kit by NoiseReducer. The amplifier is based onTripath TA2022chip, power of the amplifier is about2 x 100 Won 4 Ω impedance. The set includes a PCB with soldered SMD components and a set of THT components for individual soldering. The amplifier module supports two channels, so a stereo connection is possible. All components included in the set have been closed in antistatic pouches, which are additionally described, making it easier to find the right element.

RS-AMP amplifier

Preampandpower supplycircuits are located on the amplifier board. The module is powered by a toroidaltransformerwith a capacity of about 200 W. The power supply on the board has 24 V, 15 V and 5 V output. The module is characterized by power supply with a very low noise level, which is very important to obtain a very good sound quality.
A detailed description of the board can be seen in the author's video: Noise Reducer.

In our offer you can also findHead Amplifierby Noise Reducer and DAC.

Contents of the kit

L.p. Picture Description
1 Płytka PCB RS-AMP PCB RS-AMP with soldered SMD components
2 Rezystor 2 x 6.2 Ω 2W 5% resistor.
3 Rezystor

2 x resistor 249 kΩ 1%.

4 Dioda 1N4148 diode.
5 Rezystor 4 x 9.1 kΩ 1% resistor.
6 Rezystor 4 x 1 kΩ 1% resistor.
7 3 x 1.1 kΩ resistor 1%.
8 4 x 20 kΩ resistor 1%.
9 250 Ω resistor 1%.
10 Tripath TA2022 Tripath TA2022 integrated circuit.
11 Kondensator elektrolityczny 5 x 47 uF electrolytic capacitor.
12 Kondensator poliestrowy 2 x 3.3 uF polyester capacitor.
13 Kondensator poliestrowy 2 x polyester capacitor 2,2 uF.
14 Kondensator poliestrowy 4 x 220 nF polyester capacitor.
15 Układ scalony PC1237HA integrated circuit.
16 Potencjometr obrotowy 2 x 50 kΩ potentiometer.
17 Mostek prostowniczy Rectifying bridge.
18 Kondensator elektrolityczny 2 x electrolytic capacitor 1000 uF / 35 V.
19 Kondensator elektrolityczny 3 x 100 uF electrolytic capacitor.
20 Złącza śrubowe 2 x 4-pin screw connector.
21 Przekaźnik G6K-2P G6K-2P relay.
22 Kondensator poliestrowy 100 nF 100 nF polyester capacitor.
23 Przekaźnik F4052 24 V relay.
24 Dławik 10uH choke.
Package width 22 cm
Package height 6 cm
Package depth 15 cm
Package weight 0.331 kg



Question: What are the dimensions of the board? What kind of power supply does this amplifier expect?
Answer: The board has dimensions of 14.7 x 10.7 cm.
As for the power supply, this issue is addressed in the video about this amplifier where the author describes the selection of a suitable transformer. The video is available in the product description. In addition, I send a direct link to it:

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RS-AMP kit - Reduktor Szumu


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JJ 13.03.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Very good quality components. It's worth it.
Sebastian 09.12.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
The amplifier is designed correctly in terms of noise (better than the Chinese one, which I also have, anyway; the hum of the RS amplifier is barely audible from the meter on 86 dB/W speakers). The author did not save on components, although he could use a larger relay (100 mΩ is a lot for loudspeakers). Unfortunately, there is no schematic in the kit and it is not online either, so you have to check everything with an ohmmeter. The tile is twice as large as the Chinese one. I consider it a mistake to pack everything on one PCB for amateur construction, because a separate power supply, input switch and speaker protection could be easier placed in the housing.
Janusz S. 09.03.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
It's OK
Tomasz T. 24.12.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
It is a pity that there are no diagrams in the set
Hubert 15.01.2024 Confirmed purchase
Richard 24.08.2023 Confirmed purchase
Wiktor 16.05.2023 Confirmed purchase
Ariel 19.02.2023 Confirmed purchase
Gabriel 11.12.2022 Confirmed purchase

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