Rodent repellent - ultrasonic - battery operated - Viano OB-02

Index: VIA-20241 EAN: 5903111328290
Viano rodent deterrent battery-powered - 4 x 1.5V LR6 batteries. Using ultrasonic technology, it effectively repels rodents such as martens, weasels, rats and mice. The device has protection class IP65, which makes OB-02 suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Rodent repellent - ultrasonic - battery operated - Viano OB-02
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Manufacturer: Viano

Product description: Rodent repellent - ultrasonic - battery operated - Viano OB-02

The Viano rodentrepellent is battery operated - 4 x 1,5 V LR6 batteries. Thanks to the use of ultrasonic technology it effectively repels rodents such as martens, weasels, rats or mice. The device emits an ultrasonic sound that creates an unpleasant, unbearable environment for rodents, thus preventing them from staying and settling near the protected area - in the case of this model it is about 200 m. The ingress protection class of the device is IP65, which makes OB-02 suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Szczelnie zabezpieczony włącznik z silikonowym kapturkiem. Sealed switch with a silicone cap.

Odpuzovač hlodavců - ultrazvukový - na baterie - Viano OB -02. A rodent deterrent - ultrasonic - battery operated - Viano OB-02.

Main features of the deterrent - why this one and not another?

  • Wide range - up to 200 meters, ultrasonic emission angle up to 120 degrees.
  • Universal, repels the most troublesome and common rodents - weasels, martens, mice or rats
  • Energy efficient ultrasound generator with automatic frequency change module
  • Equipped with two large 50 mm diameter piezoelectric speakers to increase the power of the device
  • Waterproof casing and IP65 rating make the repellent can also be used outdoors - it is resistant to mechanical damage, sunlight, rain, frost and wind
  • Battery power supply increases the mobility of the device and allows it to be used in places where there is no possibility of supplying 230 V
  • The neodymium magnet in the rear part of the casing allows the repellent to be fixed to any metal surface (gutters, fences, roof fittings, shelf, etc.)
  • The device does not cause interference with radios and electronic equipment
  • Note: the device does not work on dogs and cats

Technical specification of the repellent

  • Model: OB-02
  • Purpose: rodent deterrent - martens, rats, mice, weasels
  • Technology: ultrasonic rodent deterrent
  • Ultrasonic emission angle: up to 120 degrees
  • Ultrasonic range: up to 200 metres
  • Effective area: 2500 m2
  • Protection class of the device: IP65 (for outdoor use and indoor use)
  • Power supply: 5 V to 6 V DC (4 x 1.5 V LR6 batteries)
  • Current consumption: 5 mA
  • Operating temperature range: -30°C to 70°C
  • Device dimensions: 54.6 x 78.4 x 118.2 mm

Contents of the set

  • Viano OB-02 ultrasonic deterrent
  • Batteries LR6 x4
  • Installation instructions

W tylnej części obudowy znajduje się mocny magnes neodymowy, który pozwala przytwierdzić urządzenie do dowolnej powierzchni metalowej. At the back of the casing, there is a strong neodymium magnet, which allows the device to be attached to any metal surface.

Package width 8.8 cm
Package height 11.7 cm
Package depth 5.6 cm
Package weight 0.293 kg

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Rodent repellent - ultrasonic - battery operated - Viano OB-02


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Siegfried 22.02.2024 Confirmed purchase Translated review
I cannot say anything about the quality yet, as I have only just set up the device. Whether new rodents will appear remains to be seen. Very user-friendly. What if the battery performance decreases? What will indicate that to me? How can I replace it? A German user manual would be nice, or is it required in the EU. So far, everything is good.
Johannes 19.02.2024 Confirmed purchase
DIRK 18.12.2023 Confirmed purchase
Andrzej 28.09.2023 Confirmed purchase

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